Britons Work More Overtime Than Ever Before: How to Keep Employee Morale High

The competition is greater than ever. Britons are working, on average, 68 days annually more than their contract requires them to. Usually, this work is put in for no extra pay. This amounts to U.K. workers losing out on £33.6 billion, or £6,301 per person. You, as an employer, might believe this is better for your company, but it isn’t. When a person has an unhealthy work-life balance, they are damaging their health and their productivity. You depend on your employees, and it is crucial to your business to keep them happy.

Here are five ways to be improve employee relations and keep your employee’s morale high:

  1. 1.    Make Sure Your Employees Go Home on Time

When your employees are putting in extra hours to advance their careers, acknowledge that they are doing so. Although your business benefits from staff overtime, there are two options to keep morale high; you can either ban overtime outright, to make sure that people are getting their fair share of a break and maintaining a happy work life balance, or you can pay introduce a bonus to recognise the extra efforts. You never want a valued employee to feel like their hard work is not appreciated and that you are taking advantage of them.

  1. 2.    Take and Credit Their Suggestions

You do not want to be the clichéd employer (or co-worker) who takes the ideas of another and claims it to be their own. Always pay attention and listen to what your employees are saying so you know whether that “great idea” was yours or, actually, someone else’s. Properly crediting (and rewarding) good ideas to those who created them is a great way to boost morale. It shows you listen, you believe in them, and that you value their opinion.

  1. 3.    Creatively Celebrate their Accomplishments

While it is very important to reward your employees through traditional methods, like employee of the month, salary increases or promotions, you could be more creative. Being creative, and, by extension, unique with your rewards is a great way to show your employees that you care about them as individuals. Take your employees out to lunch, present them with an award, give them a present they will like. There are many ways you can show you appreciate them.

  1. 4.    Make Them Proud to Work for You

No matter how big of a company you are, you should always strive for excellence. Provide your employees with custom designed, business cards, presentation folders, and other equipment that promotes and professionalism. Have a strong marketing team and build a stunning online and offline presence that your employees can take pride in and your customers can trust.

  1. 5.    Champion Internal Promotion

Always look within your company when you need to fill positions first. You want your employees to know that they can advance their career with you. No one likes being stuck at a dead-end job. Give them the means to progress and you fill find happier, more driven employees.

You need to make sure that your employees feel valued. Your company depends on them to maintain and grow, and the only way to keep the best and most talented employees is to make them want to work for you. Increase their morale, and you will increase their performance. In many cases, it won’t cost you anything more than a bit of your time and attention.

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