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28th Mar 2017, Found Cat, Troon, Camborne
Found Cat
Seems to be young, has been coming to the house for about 3 and a half weeks.
He has been fed and he keeps coming back at all hours of the day and night.
Has an extremely loud 'meow' and is very affectionate and loving.
He has come into the house a couple of times, however we only put food out on the doorway, but he's very friendly with a cat that we own, so he sometimes comes in.
He has a lovely nature, and would be a shame if someone has lost him.
If you recognize the picture or know who he belongs to then please get in touch.
He has no collar or tag and hasn't been castrated.
We are more than happy to look after him, and to keep him fed and watered.
Contact Natalie on 01209 314400 Contact by email
26th Mar 2017, Long haired black and white cat, Nare Cottage, 18 Castle Rise, Truro, TR1 3AA
Last seen Friday Night Pydar stores Truro area, 8 year old, large long haired black and white cat, called Boz, quite nervous with people he doesn't know but good natured. My little boy is missing him massively.
Contact Katheine Banks on 07875 466 402 Contact by email
25th Mar 2017, CHARITY PONY MISSING/STOLEN, North Cornwall/West Devon
Have you seen Jeremy the pony who is missing/stolen? He was last seen on Saturday 25th March 2017 at his new home in the Welcombe/Morwenstow area. We have searched everywhere and there is no sign of him. He is a Bay Gelding approximately 12hh. There is more information about him on our blog www.people4ponies.blogspot.com If anyone thinks they have seen Jeremy or have any information about his whereabouts please contact us on 07968 071179, email people4ponies@yahoo.co.uk , or call 101 and quote crime reference number CR022583/17
Contact Faye Stacey on 07968 071179 Contact by email
25th Mar 2017, Missing Dog, 10 Grenville Meadows, Nanpean, St Austell
Pug lost in Falmouth area (Swanpool) he is called Buzz and he is fawn and very small.
Contact Danii Morcom on 07702325647
25th Mar 2017, LOST Pug, 58 TR114HS
LOST pug , fawn in colour, named Buzz. Ran off in Marlborough Avenue/Silverdale Road/Cuckoo Mills area of Falmouth. Very timid! Please check gardens, bushes etc!
Contact Maria Clark on 07477 569756 Contact by email
23rd Mar 2017, Found Labrador, Kelliers House, The Kelliers, Indian Queens
Found very dark brown/black Labrador, red collar but no tag in the Fraddon area, has been taken to the RSPCA in St Columb. Dog is chipped so they will try and find the owners!
Contact Natasha on 07904955140 Contact by email
18th Mar 2017, Missing Cat, 14 Mitchell Road, Camborne
Paddy is missing from the Weeth Road area. He could be heading back to his old address at Roskear Road. Escaped from his new home at some point through the night. Please if you see him, contact me.
Contact Sarah Long/Ria Williams on 07463208409
17th Mar 2017, Missing Cat, 3 Manor Gardens, Redruth, Cornwall, TR15 1DF
Diva has gone missing, she is a house cat and is a very scared and nervous cat around new people, shes never been outside before. We just moved house a week ago so doesn't really know the area. Please can you check your sheds, garages and any little hiding places as she is probably hidden away scared somewhere. She will not let you touch her so please get in contact with me asap so I can come to her. We are offering a £100 reward for her return. More info on picture.
Contact Marco on 07565505519 Contact by email
16th Mar 2017, Missing Cat, Trewarton Road, Packsaddle, Penryn
Missing black shorthaired cat from the Penryn area. His name is Jack and he is 7 years old. He is completely black with a few white hairs on his chest, lower belly and on a toe.

He is very friendly, affectionate and very chatty!
Contact Tegan on 07480700050 Contact by email
15th Mar 2017, Missing Cat, Trevelgue, Newquay Cornwall
Male Tabby with fur missing on his back, micro-chipped, from the Trevelgue area of Newquay
Contact Rosita on 07813075450 Contact by email
15th Mar 2017, Missing young Ginger Cat, Townsend, Hayle, Cornwall
11 months old ginger cat missing from Townsend.
Contact Amber on 01736 850806
13th Mar 2017, Missing black cat, Holmdene, Newham Road, Truro, TR1 2SU
Male, short haired, slim black cat called Bruce, aged 2. Last seen on Monday 13th March, has gone missing from the Newham Road area in Truro. He is micro-chipped and recently moved from Northfield Drive in Truro. He has a high pitched meow and is timid.
Contact Vicky Tillman on 01872 275788
12th Mar 2017, MISSING POSSIBLY STOLEN 2 HORSES, 16 New Street, Troon, Camborne, Cornwall TR14 9EW
Please help keep an eye out whilst driving around to day in the Redruth, Camborne, Lanner area for two horses. One black cob in a black rug with purple trim and also a grey pony in a pink rug. Feared they have possible been stolen but if anyone knows or hears of anything please contact me as our black horse has chronic arthritis in his back legs and will be in a lot of pain without medication.
Contact Anya Croft on 07794236476 Contact by email
12th Mar 2017, ***FOUND****, Mink Acre, 11 ST Erth Hill, St Erth, Hayle, TR27 6EX
Ferret found tonight between Sheffield and Mousehole turning at Penzance. Being looked after please contact Vicky
Contact Vicky on 07791212447 Contact by email
12th Mar 2017, Small Grey Terrier Found in Brea Area, Beacon
Small Grey Terrier found in Brea area.
Please contact me if you think it may be yours.
Contact Angela on 01209 719759
9th Mar 2017, Lost cat, 29 Henver Road, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 3DG

My name is Hannah Rodger and we have lost our cat, I was wondering if you may have heard or found anything?

Kitty is 17/18 years old, she has a lump under her eye, sometimes it does bleed - the vets have said it doesn't cause her any pain or discomfort. She's black with little whisps of white hairs on her belly and paws. She's very friendly, and she hates going outdoors. White whiskers and eyebrows. Very soft fur and looks younger than she is. She isn't scared of dogs as far as I know. Please find attached some pictures. She went missing on 09/03/2017.

My mum thought she was microchipped at the vets we usually go to however they do not have any records. This was about 15 years ago so mum can't remember where she was micro chipped too.

My mobile number is 07895377355and we are based in Newquay, the Henver road/ Chester Road area.

Please contact me with any info.

Kind regards,

Hannah rodger
Contact Hannah Rodger on 07895377355 Contact by email
7th Mar 2017, Little Dog Found, St Mary's C of E School
We have a little lost dog wearing a coat. If anyone knows who he belongs to please contact the school. We have tried to call the number on the dog tag but it is a landline and we expect the owner is out looking for him.
Contact St Mary's School on 01872 276689 Contact by email
4th Mar 2017, Missing Bengal Cat, 6 West Street, St Columb, TR9 6RX
Missing cat.

Name: Cleo

Obvious bengal markings with no collar

She's normally in and out all day so its worrying she hasn't come back for food in 4 days.

Last seen on West Street, St Columb.

Its possible she snuck into a shed / garage over the weekend and got shut in. If possible please check.

If this is the case I’m sure she will be meowing loud, If anyones heard anything contact me and let me know where.

If you have found her and she's in your home call me or let her out again, she will find her way back.
Contact Jake Nicholls on 07446885904 Contact by email
4th Mar 2017, Missing Kitten, 61 St. Mary's Road, Bodmin
Missing from the St Mary's Road/Crescent/Close area of Bodmin, since Saturday evening 4th March 2017, Ozzie 7 month old black and white kitten, neutered and micro-chipped, unusual for him to be away so long, please check sheds and garages and gardens in the area
Contact Vanessa Cook on 07801819611 Contact by email
4th Mar 2017, Lost Dog, 43 Higher Lux Street, Liskeard
My Rottweiler has gone missing out of the rear garden if anyone see's him in the Liskeard area please contact me with the number provided.
Contact Karen Walling on 01579 641054 Contact by email
2nd Mar 2017, LOST COCKEREL, 55 Woodland Way, Gunnislake
from Maders - South Hill Road, Callington - yesterday
Pepper - white and grey Pekin cockerel blind in one eye.
Anyone seen him or picked him up- friendly fellow. I believe he had a set to with other cockerel, so may look worse for wear.
Please let me know if you've seen him or know where he is,
Contact Michelle on 07932827099 Contact by email
1st Mar 2017, Missing Cat, 41, Chili Road, Redruth
Missing from Illogan Highway area - small tabby cat called Bertie. He doesnt wear a collar but is micro-chipped. He has an injury to the top of his head and is missing some fur from the area. Can you please check your sheds, outbuildings, garages etc... Many thanks
Contact Mrs Henshall on 01209 315176 Contact by email
24th Feb 2017, 3 Horses Found, Wheal Maiden, Crofthandy, Redruth
3 horses found on road at Crofthandy. Being kept safe in field at Wheal Maiden. Please collect.
Contact Jen on 07968598125
23rd Feb 2017, Missing Ponies, Cox Park, Tamar Park Gunnislake, Cornwall
2 Ponies missing from Cox park
1 black 10 hands
1 Bay 12.2 hands
Contact Samantha on 07936830313
23rd Feb 2017, Lost Dog, Tehidy Barton Cottages, Camborne TR14 0HE
Bruno has been missing since Tuesday (21/03/2017). He is a 3 and a half year old Welsh Collie - black and white male. He should be wearing a red collar with a yellow tag with my contact details on. He has been micro-chipped. He is a friendly and pleasant dog who normally wanders around the fields of my farm and the ones surrounding my farm, but this time he hasn't come home.
If you see him please contact me as soon as possible.
Contact Trevor Eddy on 07812100120
22nd Feb 2017, Dog found, Perran Sands Holiday Park, Perranporth, Cornwall, TR6 0AQ
Cocker type dog found on site today. Safe in reception.
Contact Perran Sands Holiday Park on 01872573551
22nd Feb 2017, Lost Chihuahua, Hayle
Lost Chihuahua cross Yorkie, female dark colour mixed grey/black, she is not wearing a collar, but is micro-chipped.

Gone for about an hour.
Contact Glenda on 07541563766
20th Feb 2017, Missing Cat, 87 Charlotte Close, Mount Hawke
Tinker has gone missing. Last seen Saturday 18 Feb at 23:00 in Mount Hawke. Black and white, DSH, neutered, micro-chipped.
Contact Katie Sandow on 07730 536 365 Contact by email
19th Feb 2017, Black Rabbit Found, Camborne
A black rabbit has been found along with another, however only one could be caught. It is currently being cared for in the Camborne area. If its owners do not come forward by 2 pm on the 20/02/17 the founder will take the rabbit to a local rescue shelter. If anyone is aware of the rabbits owner, please contact the Pirate FM team on 01209 314400.
Contact Miss Mitchell on 01209 314400
18th Feb 2017, Missing Cat, 1 Stratton Place, Greenbank, Falmouth TR11 2ST
Midnight our 6 year old black cat with a tiny bit of white on his chest has been missing since yesterday and never usually leaves the house for more than an hour at a time.Please help us find him
Contact Judith Sowell on 07484 729515 Contact by email
18th Feb 2017, Missing cat, Mount Pleasant, Trewint, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 7TG
Small grey and white tabby called Daisy but will come to 'Moos'. She doesn't normally wander far, she is micro-chipped, has been missing for 2 days.
Contact Diane Tharme on 01566 86751 Contact by email
17th Feb 2017, Missing Kitten, Trevithick View, Camborne
Little tabby cat only 8 months old , called Elmo , no collar , he is micro-chipped.
Contact Joanna on 01209714659 Contact by email
13th Feb 2017, Missing Cat, Newquay
Missing female black fluffy Cat with yellow eyes goes by the name of Belfast. Last seen Friday evening in the Crantock area. She has no collar but is chipped and Pet log are aware she is missing. Belfast is extremely friendly and responds to 'miaow miaow' or 'Bell Bell'. If seen or found please call me.
Contact Joseph on 07730551809
13th Feb 2017, Found Dog, Little Valley Animal Shelter, Black Hat Lane, Bakers Hill, Exeter, EX2 9TA
Freddie, the West Highland terrier was found near a school playground of Treloweth Primary School, Redruth.

The RSPCA were called as he was in a bad way, full of matted, overgrown fur.

Freddie has been washed and had a nice hair cut and is now very healthy after being treated by the animal lovers at the RSPCA.

If you know where Freddie has come from, please contact us.
Contact Suzanne Norbury on 0300 123 8018 Contact by email
12th Feb 2017, Missing Springer Spaniel, Holsworthy
Missing springer spaniel, white with a liver face.
Liver splotch above tail, long tail.

His name is Murphy, been missing since yesterday morning.

Please call the number if you have any information.
Contact N/a on 07979852704
12th Feb 2017, Lost cat, 6 Murtons Terrace, Lanner
Lost grey cat called Whisky went missing from Lanner on Friday 19th Feb.
Can you please check sheds and outbuildings.
He has a collar and is micro-chipped.
Contact Charles Smart on 07718952792 Contact by email
10th Feb 2017, Found Tabby Cat, Ulalia Road, Newquay TR7 2PZ
A brown tabby cat has been found on
Ulalia Road, Newquay. He has no colour and is not microchipped. He's a neutered male.
Contact Dawn on 07976 445 493
10th Feb 2017, Missing Hungarian Vizsla Dogs, Branston Cottage, Bodmin, PL30 4RA
Please help, my 2 female hungarian vizslas went missing this morning from the Respryn, Bodmin Parkway, Grey Mares Plantation, Lostwithiel areas. They are active dogs and can cover some distance. They are ginger in colour, short haired and of medium size.
Contact Rachel Liminton on 07792025765 Contact by email
7th Feb 2017, Missing Tabby Cat, 3 Eliot Road, St Austell, PL25 4NL
8 Year Old, female light coloured tabby cat, small in size, silver tip on the end of her tail, house & courtyard cat so not used to the outdoors - missing from Eliot road, St Austell village area
Contact Julie Savage on 07799882216 Contact by email
5th Feb 2017, Lost Tabby Cat, Menacuddle Lane, St.Austell
Missing, Sid Tabby with white paws, nose, chest last seen late Sunday night and hasn't been home since!!
Please check your shed's and garages Menacuddle Lane, North Hill, Trevarthian Road , North Hill Park area of St Austell, thank you
Contact Julie on 01726 66287
5th Feb 2017, Missing Greyhound, 50, Meneage Street, Helston, Cornwall, TR13 8QY
A black greyhound, with a white chest blaze, called Angel went missing at around 4.45pm Sunday 5 Feb in the Bulwark Road Estate area of Helston. She has a luminous green collar on with a name tag which has the owner's telephone number on it. There was a possible sighting of her around the Helston Boating Lake later that evening but nothing since.
Contact Ann Milne on 01326 572690 Contact by email
5th Feb 2017, Missing Dog, Newquay
Missing Lurcher Cross female Dog, light tan in colour. Very friendly and goes by the name of Bella. She does have a pink with white spots collar and is also chipped. Last seen when taking her for a walk at Carnmarth around 4 pm on Sunday 5th Feb. If found please call the number provided.
Contact Samantha Semmens on 07732591212
5th Feb 2017, Missing Dog, Harlyn Bay, Wadebridge
Missing terrier cross. Small, brown. Named Rosie. Last seen 05th Feb around 11am on Harlyn Bay Beach near Padstow. Collared and chipped. Nervous around people. Very distressing, please call if found.
Contact Lyn Evans on 07949 455016
5th Feb 2017, Dog Found, brookfield Newmill
Liver and white spaniel wearing a blue collar found near Lands End, currently safe and well in Newmill.
Contact Debbie on 01736351034 Contact by email
4th Feb 2017, Missing Cat, Trehu Farm, Pulls Cross, Truro
Dark grey, neutered male cat missing in the Frogpool area since Thursday 2nd Feb. Answers to the name Suki
Contact Michael Jenkin on 07545840588 Contact by email
3rd Feb 2017, Othello Missing, 87 Truro lane
My lovely Othello went missing on Friday 3rd February. Othello is never out of the house for more than a couple of hours so this is very unusual. He is pure black and has no collar. He is sorely missed! Please contact me with any information.
Contact Penelope on 07393424943 Contact by email
2nd Feb 2017, Missing Cat, Pulla Cross, Truro
Suki - grey male (neutered) cat. Micro-chipped. No collar. Last seen on Thursday night at home in Pulla Cross (near Cusgarne/ Perranarworthal area).
Contact Vivien on 07549 904144 Contact by email
1st Feb 2017, FOUND DOG, Nomansland, Lostwithiel, Cornwall PL22 0DZ
FOUND near to the railway at Luxulyan - Tri colour, female, collie/springer dog (full tail) - No collar or ID chip - is injured - we urgently need to contact her owners. Also posted on the Kernow Veterinary Group Lost & Found page on Facebook. She is currently being cared for at the surgery, please call if you know her.
Contact Pelyn Veterinary Group on 01208872254
30th Jan 2017, Missing little dog, 14 Treliske Road, Redruth, Cornwall, TR15 1QE
My little jack russell dog went missing on Monday Evening from the Roseland gardens area of Redruth, she is black and tan with a white chest and paws, she was wearing a pink and orange collar with a name tag with the name “INDIE”, and a mobile number. We have been out all night searching and apologise if you heard us calling and it disturbed you.
Contact Margaret Norman on 07476814807 Contact by email

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