Cornwall Hotel Owner Included in List of Weirdest Bets

While you may not be the type to bet it all and go out on a limb, there are some who just don’t hold back when it comes to betting. In fact, there are all kinds of weird bets that have taken place in the world of gambling and casinos, some of which may make your head spin. While you'll find these weird bets being made all over the world, here in the UK it seems as though the Brits have become somewhat known for the odd bets they place, such as one particular Cornwall hotel owner who put it all on Trump.

Let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy bets that are topping the list in the UK right now.

Cornwall Hotel Owner Bets on Trump

Who says that you need to bet on sports standings in order to win big? John Mappin, a Cornwall hotel owner, decided he'd go ahead and place his bet of a lifetime on Donald Trump's rise to power. He made bets on the nomination and then the election process, and ended up winning a whopping £103,000.

Betting on Brexit

Of course, one of the biggest bets that took place in the past year had to do with Brexit. James Hanbury, a British hedge fund manager, made headlines with his prediction that the UK would indeed vote in favour of Brexit. He also predicted that it would have a very negative impact on the British pound. Hanbury managed to make £110 on his prediction.

The Scottish Referendum Drew Action

It seems as though the list of things the Brits will bet on just continues to grow, and one can also add the Scottish referendum results to the list. One man won £900,000 by taking part in referendum betting, making a huge payday for himself. So what happens if there is another vote next year on the same matter? Will that person be as confident?

A Random Accumulator Bet with a Huge Return

Back in 1989, a gambler approached Welsh bookies and made what seemed like a rather simple £30 accumulator bet. He bet on the fact that the band U2 would be together still in the year 2000. Well, it looks like he was right and he managed to take home £194,400.

A Word of Caution

When thinking about placing the bet of your life, make sure to thoroughly check the reviews of the casino you're thinking to place your bet with - including their casino rank, deposit and withdrawal methods, pending time, and other important information so your bet goes as smooth as possible. As you check the reviews of the casino, be sure to look for reviews written by other players rather than the casino itself. You want to make sure you’re getting an accurate non-biased snapshot of the casino and the player experience.

By taking these extra steps, you can feel more confident in placing that bet, no matter how “weird” it may be.