Do People Still Blog?

An interesting discussion came up in a recent broadcast not too long ago regarding whether blogging is something that people still do. With YouTube and social media being very popular, most users now turn to video content and short Tweets for information. The big question is: do people still blog?

The simple answer to this question is yes. There are more than enough reasons why people love blogging and will continue to write blog posts – and read them – for years to come. We are going to take a look at some of them in this article.

It Is Easy!

Blogging is very easy to do. You don’t need expensive camera equipment or sophisticated tools to write a good blog post. You just need a good idea and some time to develop that idea into an article that people will love to read.

There are a lot of blogging platforms you can use too. In fact, you can have multiple blogs at once and it will be entirely manageable. We spoke to the owner of over 100 blogs; he uses the best reseller hosting UK has to offer for all of them and simply manages his blogs from one control panel.

Today, it is possible to get a blog up and running in under 1 minute. What’s more challenging is producing great articles that will attract an audience.

It Is a Flexible Platform

Blogging is not so different to posting on social media, but you get a lot more flexibility from the platform. Instead of a limited number of characters or a format that you have to follow, you are free to deliver your content in any way you want.

You can even integrate social media posts into your blog posts. This is something that a lot of brands – including yours truly Private FM – and bloggers are now doing. The blog acts as the anchor for all of their online activities.

It Lets You Build Credibility

There is one advantage of blogging that other platforms are yet to offer, and that is the ability to develop credibility online. Professionals are blogging through Medium and self-hosted blogs to share their expertise. Combined with the power of social media, they position themselves as experts in select fields and develop a stronger online presence in the process.

You too can benefit from blogging, whether it is as a professional or as a business owner. The more credible your online presence is, the more chances you will have of connecting with industry experts, potential customers, and even new sources of opportunities.

It Tells a Story

At the heart of blogging lies storytelling, something that even the largest corporations are starting to do. We do it with our shows; our Breakfast Blog remains one of the most popular sections of this website.

The more stories you share, the stronger the relationship you will have with your audience. It won’t take long before the viewers – the already engaged people – convert into customers that will remain loyal to your brand or your blog itself for years to come.

So, do people still blog? Yes, and from these reasons, it is easy to see why blogging will continue to be popular and effective in today’s challenging market.