Experts Warn the Current State of the Environment Cannot be Ignored

Experts warn we are still facing difficult challenges with the environment. The ozone layer may be fixing itself, but new holes are being discovered in other parts of the planet. In fact, the damage affecting the ozone layer is far more severe than the rate at which it can fix itself.

It’s the same with other environmental issues, too. CO2 production is still increasing and the average temperature of the earth continues to climb. Here are some of the facts that must be taken seriously regarding the current state of the environment.

Climate Change and Global Warming

Climate change is an undeniable event that can no longer be ignored. Despite the recent uncertainty due to the policies of the United States’ new administration, scientists continue to produce evidence that the world is getting hotter.

In two-season regions of the world, we’re still seeing severe rain and thunderstorms well past February. Four-season countries are suffering from the same changes, with some of the coldest ever days recorded this spring.

These anomalies are worrying because the Global Climate Report issued in January 2017 stated that warmer-than-average temperatures are being recorded around the world. In March, we saw the coolest average composite temperature. The gap between these two extremes is getting wider and it may result in more climate anomalies in the future.

One last note to keep in mind is the lack of seasonal norms due to the frequently reported anomalies. We used to be able to predict the weather pretty accurately. Today, scientists are adopting new prediction models to better understand the situation.

Better Recycling Process

Luckily, it’s not all bad news. There is some positive advancement in the environmental sector, one of which is the increasing awareness for recycling. Recycling is now being pushed by local and federal governments across the globe as one of the solutions to minimize toxic and dangerous waste.

We’re seeing a steady decline in Styrofoam and other dangerous materials being used to package food or other goods. On the other hand, newer, safer materials are being invented to replace plastic. A start-up from Indonesia recently introduced a potential replacement for plastic made of cassava. The alternative is ready for use and will soon replace plastic completely.

In terms of recycling, there are also better support systems in place. It is a growing industry, with key players such as Countrystyle Recycling leading the charge. The best recycling service providers now handle everything from waste collection to organic treatment, simplifying the process completely.

More Challenges to Come

There are still more problems to solve, but active steps are being made to solve them. Heavy natural resource usage is still a big problem, with the latest UN index revealing that we’re consuming 1.4 times more resources than the planet can produce. Governments are taking steps to reduce consumption to a safer, more sustainable level while seeking solutions such as alternative energy.

The same can be said for the loss of biodiversity, another problem that continues to jeopardize the planet. Conservation groups are being set up to protect endangered animals and the ecosystem as a whole, with non-profit and private sectors working together with governments to stop deforestation and reduce the ocean acidification rate to save more species.