Battle of the Bands at Brannel School’s JulyFest

The winner of the Battle of the Bands was Anonymous.

The group is made up of Ben Brown (Drums), Owen Isaacs (Lead guitarist), Connor Shaw (Rhythm guitarist), Tian Price (Keyboard) and Beth Lean (Vocalist).

The band was joined by Darius Nicholls (vocals) and Joe Kerley (Base guitarist) and is inspired by Linkin Park, Metallica and Nirvana.

Anonymous has been together for 3 years with new member Beth Lean joining recently on vocals.

It is the second time that Anonymous have won the Battle of the Bands competition.

Anonymous have performed at the Hall for Cornwall and The Seahorse at Pentewan and hope to play more music at local festivals in the future.

They practise every day at school during lunch times and meet up in the evening to practise at home.

The Battle of the Bands competition was held during Brannel School’s JulyFest, which centred around the school’s open-air amphitheatre.

Listen to the performance here: 

JULYFEST @ Brannel School

Brannel’s JulyFest is a one-of-a-kind. It is an annual eclectic summer celebration of live music and performance.

This year JulyFest raised over £1000 for outdoor recreational equipment for the school and Huntington’s Disease Association. Around the school’s amphitheatre were a host of stalls for people to play some traditional summer fair games, raffles, tombolas and to enjoy the best of local catering with a huge choice of culinary delights, cream teas and BBQ cuisine.

Like the best of Cornwall, Brannel’s JulyFest is eccentric, charming and irresistible – a homespun melting pot where music-lovers share pasties and enjoy performances from our talented young stars of music, drama and dance.