CHICKS Christmas Appeal CHICKS Ginsters


Christmas is meant to be a magical time for Children - 

and that's why CHICKS want to help make it special for

those less fortunate.


CHICKS Christmas Appeal 2013


Pirate FM - Chicks Christmas Appeal with GinstersImagine yourself as a child. How would you feel not having a Christmas Dinner to enjoy or anyone to share your Christmas with?

CHICKS charity recognises that childhood can be a difficult time - poverty, neglect or caring for sick relatives.

And that’s why CHICKS will provide disadvantaged children with support and respite breaks here in Cornwall this Christmas.

But to give children the memories and experiences they deserve – your help is needed.

There are a number of different ways YOU can help – make a donation, organising fundraising events or becoming a volunteer.

Or Join Neil Caddy at the Chicks Santa Sprint in Callington on Saturday 7th December.


CHICKS are proud to be supported by Ginsters. CHICKS help us to make a difference. 


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