Go Nuts for Donuts

Say hello to Saffron!

Saffy is Pirate FM's latest recruit... and everyone loves her. Not just because she's a lovely person to be around - but because she is your key to FREE sweet treats for you and your colleagues!

Here's the deal - if you listen to Pirate FM at work, then we want to reward you with a visit from Saffy!

She'll reward you and your colleagues with sweet treats, plus your chance to become a radio star as she finds out more about you on the radio too!

But if she turns up, and you're NOT listening to Pirate FM - then you can wave those goodies goodbye!

You have been warned...


Nominate your workplace now!

Fill in your details below - and if we can squeeze you in, then Saffy will be in contact...

: : First name: Last name: Email: Phone number: What is the name of the company or organisation you work for?: Your company address:: Why should we come and visit you?: I consent for this website to contact me using these details: I would like to subscribe to the Pirate FM newsletter: I consent for this website to share my details with select third parties:
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