Pasty Duchy with Johnny Cowling & Holly Day

Pasty Duchy - Free Pasties for Cornwall!

Johnny Cowling and Holly Day want to reward you for listening to Pirate FM - with FREE pasties!

Brighten up a normal day at work with a special treat for you and your colleagues - and a visit from Cornwall's premier radio royalty!

We like to say "Thank you" for listening to Cornwall's Pirate FM, and that's why we're giving you the chance to win a box full of pasties for you and your colleagues!

We'll be picking random businesses for Johnny and Holly to deliver our delicious treats to - plus they'll also give you five minutes of fame, getting you on the radio too!

To be in with the chance of a visit, simply fill in the form below and cross your fingers...

There's only one condition - you must be listening to Pirate FM in your workplace when Johnny and Holly call in - otherwise they'll take the pasties somewhere else!

Holly and Johnny

Request your visit now!

Fill in your details below - Sell yourselves! These are FREE pasties we're giving away, so the more you can tell us about yourselves the better!


: : First name: Last name: Email: Phone number: What is the name of the company or organisation you work for?: Your company address:: Why should we come and visit you?: I consent for this website to contact me using these details: I would like to subscribe to the Pirate FM newsletter: I consent for this website to share my details with select third parties:
Please make sure this is the address that you'd like Johnny, Holly and the Pasties delivered to.
As you're currently not logged in, we'll send you an email to confirm your subscription.

Terms and Conditions

Although we'll try and make it to as many businesses as possible, we're afraid that we cannot guarantee Johnny and Holly can visit every business nominated.

By inviting us, you confirm that you and work your colleagues are happy to appear on the radio. Plus, you also confirm that you've told your boss, or the manager in charge. Of course, they'll be getting a massive plug. And free pasties. So it's a win-win really!

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Johnny and Holly want to give you and your workmates FREE pasties!

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