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Discover the beautiful Isles of Scilly, with your chance to win one of 3 family daytrip passes!

Just off the Cornish Coast, the stunning Isles of Scilly offer a certain quality of life - simpler, kinder and more peaceful. A quality long lost to many other parts of the UK. And 2,200 people are lucky enough to call it home.

There are five inhabited islands and countless uninhabited ones to explore. Each island has its distinct characteristics. Scilly also boasts an incredible ancient history and archaeology, alongside sweeping sea views and rugged undeveloped coasts. Out at sea, there are incredible shipwrecks and amazing wildlife.

The sea air, clean seas and mild weather also provide the additional secret ingredients to local fare - including lobster, tender island-reared beef, freshest vegetables and melt-in-the mouth ice-creams. Enjoy our cafes and restaurants; explore our local stores and farm stalls.


Day Trip and family information:

Sail for Just £35 on the Scillonian III Passenger Ship
Set sail from Penzance harbour on the Scillonian III at 09.15. The journey takes just 2 hours and 40 minutes giving you around 4 hours to explore the islands. During your journey to the Isles of Scilly, it’s well worth heading to the deck for spectacular views of the Cornish coast. Dolphins regularly join the ship and there have even been sightings of sunfish and whales

Fly in just 15 minutes
Fly from Newquay (30- minute flight) or Land’s End Airport (15- minute flight) on Skybus where the in-flight entertainment includes spectacular views of the rugged Cornish coastline and the remote beauty of the islands unfolding below. It’s also a rare opportunity to fly in a Twin Otter or Islander, where you can actually see the pilot in action- an experience you’ll want to remember every second of.

Fly and Sail £72
Fly from Land’s End early to get plenty of time on the islands, and sail back at your leisure, or vice versa. Isles of Scilly Travel’s fly/sail package is a great way to experience Scilly for the first time- you might be lucky enough to catch one of our spectacular sunsets on the way home.

Families set sail for Scilly this summer for just £75.00!

Family Offer £75 - Two adults and up to three children – 15 years and under

Offer runs from June to the end of AugustTo book call 01736 443220 or passengers can book at the Travel Centres in Penzance - or online here


Isles of Scilly Travel

Isles of Scilly Steamship Company Ltd was formed in 1920 and the first Scillonian Ship began regular trips to the Isles of Scilly in 1926.

The company is the main link between the Isles of Scilly and the mainland. We provide day trip visitors and holidaymakers from across the UK and beyond with a taste of Island life, whilst supplying island residents with an easy and frequent service to the mainland. We own and run the Scillonian III passenger ferry from Penzance harbour, a fleet of seven Skybus aircraft, operate the Gry Maritha an all year round freight service that provides life line support to the Isles of Scilly, Lands End Airport and Penzance Dry Dock.

The Scillonian III passenger ferry departs Penzance from March to November and Sunday sailings operate from July to September for the summer season. Skybus flies all year round to the Isles of Scilly from Land’s End and Newquay Airports. During the summer season (March to November) flights to the Isles of Scilly are available from Exeter International Airport.

Crossing on the Scillonian III takes 2hrs and 40 minutes and flying from Land’s End Airport takes 15-20 minutes, 30 minutes from Newquay Airport and 60 minutes from Exeter Airport- it really is that easy to get across to the islands. And what’s more, we are dedicated to providing excellent facilities and customer service that makes the trip even more enjoyable.

Isles of Scilly Travel  Isles of Scilly Travel Special Offers


This competition has now closed! Thank you for entering, and stay tuned to Pirate FM for your next chance to win!



This competition is run in conjunction with Pirate FM's standard terms and conditions, and competition rules which are all available to view online here. The competition is only open to entrants within the Pirate FM TSA. Three winners will each win a £75.00 Family daytrip pass for travel on the Scillonian III. You must book your trip 24 hours in advance, and carriage is subject to availability plus the standard Isles of Scilly Travel terms and conditions.

The trip must be taken by 30th August, and excludes Saturdays. Family pass includes 2 adults and up to three children- children 15 years and under

Competition is open until midnight on Sunday 27th July 2014

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