Pirate FM's Psychic Animals 2014

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Psychic Animals 2014 Psychic Animals Psychic Animals 2014

The biggest Football competition on the planet is now upon us... but can this Cornish animal predict the winners?


Did you know, that between Wadebridge and Padstow, there's a special valley that hides a secret... apparently, it's home to a whole host of psychic animals!

Neil and Tina had a great day out at Cornwall's Crealy Adventure Park, where the animal manager Steve revealed that staff believe that many of their animals have special psychic abilities... and we thought we'd put it to the test on a number of upcoming football games that are taking place in Brazil!

However, it's fair to say that our first animal, a bearded dragon by the name of Tai Lung was pretty rubbish. Of 10 games, she only managed to correctly guess 2 correctly!

So, we substituted Tai Lung with Mystic Pig! But then after James Dundon sold her to a local family for 2 magic coins, we've had to enlist the services of her older brother Psychic Hog!

Don't forget, you can meet Psychic Hog and his friends for yourself at Cornwall's Crealy Great Adventure Park throughout the Summer! Click here for more details.


*****PLEASE NOTE: This video might not be suitable for younger viewers, or those who are screamish.*****

Germany v Argentina 

The Final Prediction


Netherlands v Argentina 

Psychic Prediction


Brazil Vs Germany 

Psychic Prediction

Netherlands v Costa Rica Prediction


Brazil v Colombia

Psychic Prediction


Argentina v Switzerland

Psychic Prediction

France v Nigeria

Psychic Prediction


Mexico v Netherlands

Psychic Prediction


Brazil Vs Chile

Psychic Prediction

USA v Germany 

Psychic Prediction


Nigeria v Argentina 

Psychic Prediction


Costa Rica v England 

Psychic Prediction

Mexico v Croatia 

Psychic Prediction


Emergency Press Conference with our MD


USA v Portugal Psychic Prediction

Argentina v Iran Psychic Prediction


Switzerland v France Psychic Prediction


Uruguay v England Psychic Prediction

Australia v Netherlands Psychic Prediction


Russia v South Korea Psychic Prediction


Germany v Portugal 

Psychic Prediction

Switzerland v Ecuador Psychic Prediction


England v Italy Psychic Prediction


Brazil v Croatia Psychic Prediction

Neil and Tina meet Tai Lung


Neil & Tina at Crealy




This is a fun promotion, which should not be taken seriously. Neither Pirate FM, or Cornwall's Crealy Great Adventure Park accept any responsibility for the accuracy of these predictions. All animal use was strictly observed and managed by the animal manager at Cornwall's Crealy. At no point was any animal harmed, made uncomfortable or distressed.