Runaway Briderunaway bride

runaway briderunaway bride

Well done to Adam and Nicole, who are the winners of our £10,000 wedding package on Runaway Bride!

Runaway Bride - Nicole Bratchley & Adam Stockton

In our final challenge, they managed to get the furthest-away from the Pirate FM Studios - ending up just north of Aberdeen in Scotland in just 24 hours!

Meanwhile Nicola and Oliver ended up in Ireland, finishing in Donegal, whilst Matt & Holly were in Lancaster.

Well done to all our amazing couples!



Final verified distances:

Matt and Holly: 457029.259 metres / 283.985 miles

Nicky and Ollie: 529359.288 metres / 328.929 miles

Adam and Nicole: 808058.682 metres / 502.104 miles


Day 1 

The Scavenger Hunt

It's the first day of our competition and we have got our couples in nice and early to set them off on a scavenger hunt. They must first everything on the 'must have' list to stay in the competition. 

Watch here to see how they got on!

Day 2

The Space Hopper Challenge

It's day 2 of our competition to win a £10,000 wedding and we are making sure our couples are put through their paces. Today we are at the Perranporth Airfield and we got our couples doing the Space Hopper challenge.

Watch here to see how they got on!

Click here to see how the individual couples got on

Day 3

The Busking Challenge

Today our couples were sent to Kingsley Village to busk for 60 minutes with the instruments they collect from their scavenger hunt on Monday! The instrustments they have are a Peppa Pig recorder, a harmonica and a bongo! 

Watch here to see how they got on! 


Day 4

The Runaway Bride Challenge

This is the final challenge of our Runaway Bride competition, for our final stage we set our love birds with the challenge to get as far away from Pirate FM studios as possible. Of course it wasn't just as easy as that, they had to blag there way with only £50 and whatever money they raised on their busking challenge!

Watch here to see how they got on! 

Meet our Couples

Runaway Bride - Oliver Cacioppo & Nicola brown

Oliver Cacioppo  & Nicola brown


Our story: 

We have been together for 12 years this November, we have two beautiful children however with our son being on the autistic spectrum life has not always been easy. We decided to move to Cornwall in January for a better life for our family and by February we had made that a reality! However by upping and moving our life we had to put wedding plans on the back burner. We are a fun outdoorsy couple who love a challenge and always ready to try something new! This would mean the absolute world to us! We run a reptile courier company together so work well as a team

Runaway Bride - Holly Manley & Matt Hayes

Holly Manley & Matt Hayes


Our Story:

Met 4 years ago in the most romantic place you can imagine L2 in Truro. Haha not!! Our first date was at Kfc another romantic one.. But as cheesey as it sounds it was love at first sight. So far we have had an amazing journey together. Live In a lovely house with our puppy, been on some lovely holidays.  Got engaged last Christmas Day, had absolutely no idea but it was perfect. At the minute we are trying to plan the wedding but as you can imagine things get in the way. I think we deserve this prize because we are a funny outgoing couple who simply love each other and just want that beautiful wedding everyone dreams of. So please pick us!! 

Thank you :)

Runaway Bride - Nicole Bratchley & Adam Stockton

Nicole Bratchley & Adam Stockton


Our Story:

We have been engaged for 2 years and not yet been able to afford to get married but it's always been my dream! My partner is in the army and not long ago done a tour of Afghanistan. He then proposed to me when he got home. We now have a 10 month old lil girl called Ruby which would make the perfect flower girl! We have just bought our own family home! Family is perfect we just need the perfect wedding now! We have known each other since we was kids so we are like best friends. We deserve this as we have been through a lot of ups and downs with Afghanistan and before he went I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks which destroyed us both. Please give us this chance would mean the world to us both, thank you !!! X

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