Find a Sport you can Bet on

Whether you play or are purely a spectator, sport and sporting events are incredibly important to many individuals. It does not matter if you wear your sporting jersey out in the open, watch matches at the local pub with your friends and/or team mates, or prefer cheering on your team in the solace of your own home, there is a sport and team for everyone to support and enjoy.

However, if you find yourself without a team to call your own but wish to get in on the action, then check out the most popular sports in the UK. There are many sports for you to follow, and something for everyone to enjoy.

Sailing – Not as popular as football or cricket, but sail racing is still exciting and has a lot to offer. Sail racing is a form of sport involving yachts and sail boats which race around a course made of buoys, or race across open waters from point-to-point. Although you may not come across many avid sailing fans, the community is there, ready to welcome any sailor, whether you have your own boat or are simply a spectator. There is a multitude of World Sailing events for you to immerse yourself in or attend, such as 2017 New Zealand’s Women’s Match Racing Championships and California Dreamin’ in San Francisco.

Rugby – A popular sport which never fails to attract large crowds, Rugby is well-known across the whole world, providing entertainment and competitions across nations. Many tune in to watch the Six Nations and Rugby World Cup, with some fans flying to watch the games overseas. If you are yet to watch a Rugby match, the Six Nations are still underway with tickets available for purchase. Either way, make sure you are reading for the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

The Grand National – The Grand National is a huge event and the most popular jump race around. Since its first fun in 1839, this sporting event has grown in popularity, with millions of spectators watching the race unfold, waiting to see whether the horse they bet on is going to come out on top. Whether you are a regular at the races, or it is your first time, make sure to familiarise yourself with the horses running, and the jockey’s sitting on their backs. Many newspapers will highlight the ins and outs of the event, and offer betting advice.

Football – Massively popular around the globe, and in turn, many people’s favourite sporting event. Most matches will attract a surge of football fans, flocking to stadiums across the country, ready to cheer on their chosen team as they hope to see them put a ball into the back of the net. There are many games readily available for you to catch, whether it's a friendly or part of the FA Cup, making any football rookie a professional football fan. However, if you find yourself completely new to the game and do not know which team to pledge loyalty to, survey the field, look up statistic, or simply ask you family and friends for sporting advice.