Pirate FM's Find a Furry Friend

Find a furry friend

Help give a loving Cornish home to a furry friend

Pirate FM have teamed up with the RSPCA Cornwall, to help give some of the Duchy's furry friends a second chance, and re-home some of the cats, dogs, birds and rabbits that are currently at their centre near St Columb Major.

You can find out more about our featured animals below.

Find a furry friend

About RSPCA Cornwall Branch


RSPCA Cornwall Branch is one of 165 separate registered charities that make up the RSPCA in England and Wales. Each Branch must raise its own funds locally to maintain whatever animal facilities it provides as we receive no government funding.

RSPCA Cornwall Branch owns and runs the Venton Centre in St. Columb from where, at a cost of more than £500,000, hundreds of animals and birds are rehomed every year. The Centre takes in animals that are abandoned, abused or no longer wanted. Many come to us via the RSPCA Inspectors investigating complaints of cruelty and require extensive veterinary treatment and nursing before they are fit to be found loving homes.  

The Centre is open every day apart from Wednesday from 11am till 4pm.

Donations directly fund the Venton Animal Centre and can be sent to the Finance Administrator at the Centre, cheques payable to RSPCA Cornwall Branch or by texting PETS06£5 to 70070.

Find out more about the RSPCA Cornwall Branch on their website here.

How to adopt


To find out more details about any of our featured animals, please call RSPCA Cornwall Branch directly. Their telephone number is open from 9am to 4pm every day apart from Wednesday - 01637 881455

You can also find out more about Adoption on their website here.

Furry Friends Needing a Home

KIT-KAT – 3 year old female DSH

Kit-Kat is a beautiful young girl who loves lots of loving and cuddles. She would make an ideal companion in a quiet home where we hope she will settle in nicely and come out of her shell. Not a lot is known about Kit-Kat’s history but we have found her to be a lovely girl and she is now waiting patiently for a forever home where she will get lots of much needed attention.

Kit-Kat can live with secondary school aged children or older but it is not known if she can live with other cats. Kit-Kat is not able to live with dogs.

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APRIL – 2 year old female DSH

April is a pretty lady who is initially shy when she first meets you but once comfortable will be very affectionate and enjoys head bumping. April came to the centre with a litter of kittens and proved to be a fantastic mum, she is now ready to find that loving family to fuss over her. April may take a little while to settle in so will need patient owners who will give her space. In return they will be rewarded with a loving and affectionate young cat.

April can live with secondary school aged children or older. We do not know what she is like with dogs or small animals but she can live with another cat.

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DINO – 2 year old Lurcher

Dino is a highly energetic young boy who arrived here after he was transferred from another centre. He has found kennel life pretty tough at times and is now hopeful he will find his perfect family here in Cornwall. This handsome boy is full of life and energy and loves nothing more than a good run around with his canine friends. Dino is looking for an active and experienced home with owners who are will to keep up with his training to ensure he reaches his full potential.

Dino can live with secondary school aged children or older and can potentially live with another dog. Dino is not suitable to live with cats and/or small animals.

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FLO – 10 year old female DSH

Flo is a dear girl who came into the centre under very sad circumstances. She was a bag of bones and we were really concerned about her but with lots of TLC she has flourished and is now full of energy and character. She is a real trooper. She will make a wonderful companion for any family because she is a gentle cat with a friendly demeanour. Flo is truly deserving of her forever home as she has been through a lot.

Flo can live with secondary school aged children or older. She could live with other cats but it is not known if she can live with dogs.


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FREDDIE – 4 year old male DSH

Dear Freddie is a shy fella who is in need of a very patient, understanding and quiet home. He needs an owner who is committed to gaining his trust and will allow him time to settle. You will need to give him his own space to feel safe and secure. Once Freddie gets to know and trust you he is very affectionate and loving. This sweet little soul is looking for a home where he can blossom and show his lovely character.

He needs an adult only home and it is not known whether he can live with other cats or dogs.

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HOMER – 7 year old male Lurcher

Homer is a friendly and affectionate chap who hasn’t had an easy start to life. He loves his creature comforts and would have cuddles all day long. Homer always looks a little sad, but we are sure once he has settled in with his new family and experienced a few adventures with them, that this will change. Being a middle-aged chap, Homer is looking for a fairly active home with a comfy sofa to curl up on at the end of the day!

Homer cannnot live with other dogs or cats. He can live with secondary school aged children.




HARVEY - 5 month old male Mastiff

Harvey is a big, lovable goofball. He is a very handsome and appealing young dog. As he is such a young boy Harvey will need socialisation with other dogs, people and general day to day experiences, as home life will be new to him. Harvey will benefit massively from training classes giving him the opportunity to make friends and grow into a well-rounded dog. If you are looking for a big, attractive, cuddly bear with lots of potential then Harvey could be the boy for you.

Harvey can live with secondary school aged children or older but it is not known if he can live with cats and /or other dogs.




STUART - 7 month male Greyhound

Stuart is a handsome young chap who still has a lot to learn about the world. He has lived a sheltered life so can be a bit wary of new people, situations and things he has never seen before. Stuart is looking for patient new owners who will bring out his confidence and show him the fun things the world has to offer. Stuart bonds very quickly and is very happy when he sees familiar faces. With a little encouragement he is sure to make a fun and loyal boy in his new home. He will benefit from training classes to keep him socialised and to learn a few commands.

Stuart can live with secondary school aged children or older. He can also live with other dogs but it is not known if he can live with cats.



PURRY - 6 year old DSH

Purry is a lovely boy who is shy when he first meets you but once comfortable can be very affectionate. When he tucks into food he purrs away and so the name Purry is very fitting for this young man. He would like a relatively quiet home to settle into and after time we are sure that his confidence will grow.

Purry will make a great companion who loves to chill out and have human company. Purry has lived with cats in the past, but got along with some better than others so it would depend on their compatibility if he can live with them. Purry is desperate for a forever home where he can be pampered and enjoy the finer things in life.

He can live with secondary school age children, possibly with cats but not with dogs.