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Millpool Garage, Looe

Millpool Garage, Looe


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We were on holiday last weekend in West Looe and left our car parked by the river overnight. In the morning when Doron picked up the car he heard a horrible screeching from the brakes. Fearing our aged Toyoto was terminally ill we glumly took it to the nearest garage which was Millpool. The mechanic very promptly got in our car and drove it a short distance to test the brakes. There was no screeching and he reassured us that this often happens when cars are parked near the river. Salt gets on to the disc of the brakes and a thin layer of rust forms which gets scoured off at the first braking. So everything was OK. What a relief! And no charge was made. With grateful thanks to MIllpool Garage.
Doron and Dianne Levene - 11:41pm, 19th July 2011

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