What is The Inspiration To Others Award?

Simply, someone who has been an inspiration to others within the local community.

This is for somebody whose actions inspire others in some way. We all know someone we look up to and admire – has someone made you change your life or think about things differently?

It could be someone that has succeeded against all odds or somebody who is constantly helping others.

WINNER - Matthew Kenworthy-Gomes

A world with the power to save lives and send people into space shouldn't suffer hate, abuse and discrimination.

In twenty-nineteen everyone should be free to be.

Matthew Kenworthy-Gomes from Ventongimps near Truro fights to make that happen.

As the chairperson of Cornwall Pride, he works tirelessly to support the LGBTQ community - turning a one-day parade in Truro into a Duchy-wide celebration complete with bus tour.

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