How To Choose The Right School For Your Child


Finding the perfect school to send your child to isn’t always easy. You have a variety of factors to consider, but you should feel excited about a school before deciding if your child should attend it. You will have your child’s welfare and happiness at the forefront of your mind when considering schools, and you will need to engage your child and ask for their thoughts and opinions too. Bear in mind that many other parents are going through the same processes of elimination and visiting schools, so think about joining an online parenting forum to find other parents to share thoughts and advice with.

Consider Location

It’s a sensible idea to begin looking at the schools that are local to you, as this way you’ll be able to pick up and drop your child off at school or rely on the school bus. There are many obvious benefits of having your child learning at a local school, but sometimes this just isn’t possible. If your child doesn’t get their first choice when applying, you might have to look outside of your immediate area. If you’re thinking of sending your child to a boarding school to solve the problem of having too far to travel, then consider all the schools you can afford within a certain radius from you. If you need to look further afield, you could consider Breaside Preparatory School, Kent, as there are good transport links nearby and it’s approximately an hour’s journey to central London.

Gather Research

It’s vital to gather as much information as you can on each of the school choices. You need to know how it performed in its last Ofsted report, the reputation of the headteacher, what subjects your child can expect to learn, and hear testimonials from current students and past ones. It’s advisable you try to answer all of your questions about the school through extensive research, as this way you can make an informed opinion about the institution before visiting. The school will either exceed your expectations or fall short of them, and if that’s so, it’s time to get back researching.

Visit And Observe

As you walk through the gates, you must ask yourself whether you feel happy there. Look around and get a feel for the place, you should trust your instinct and your judgement of the place. If you have no real feelings, then you can allow the school’s academic and pastoral reputation to begin shaping your opinion. It’s very important to visit the school you’re considering with your child too, as they should see the place for themselves and have some time to interact with the teachers that will be educating them and some of the other pupils who attend the school. This will be the school that your child where spend many years studying, so they need to feel comfortable and happy in their surroundings.  

Look For Great Facilities

Ensure that you have a good look at the school and inspect the facilities. Consider what interests your child has, and assess whether the school looks as though they have the provisions to cater and nurture them. For example, if your child is a promising and keen artist, be sure to visit the art department and ask plenty of questions about course structure and take time to look at the art displays in the art room. Likewise, if your child favours music, then you should find out more about the school’s reputation for music and make sure that the music department appears well equipped. 

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