How to Overcome Challenges in Business


Whether you are first starting out or have been in business a great number of years, new challenges will always present themselves. Of that, you can be sure. So how do you prepare yourself for a challenge, or a series of challenges, so that you can meet them head on and not only survive, but reach new heights? Perhaps the answer is right there in front of you all along. It’s all about the bounce!

The Bouncing Ball that Never Stops

As a kid, did you ever have one of those bouncing balls that just kept bouncing and bouncing, sometimes bouncing even much higher and much faster than the very first bounce? That could be the very key you’ve been looking for in understanding entrepreneurial bounce-backs! If you meet something head on, what will you do but bounce off it, right?

If you meet a challenge, bounce off it, take a look and bounce right back again. Each time you strike at the challenge, let your momentum propel you to continue the bounce. Eventually, you will reach new heights, but the bounce doesn’t stop there. Look at Jeff Bezos, one true inspiration in the Amazon bounce back success story as told on

It’s What You Do in the Intervals Between Bounces That Counts!

If Jeff had given up on his very first crash, he never would have continued the bounce. Instead, he took a look at the challenge he didn’t meet and continued bouncing back, again and again. In fact, it wasn’t until 10 years after founding the company and several unsuccessful bounces that he finally saw the beginnings of what would become Amazon, a marketplace force to be reckoned with – if that’s at all possible.

Look at how unsuccessfully Walmart is trying to compete and failing miserably. Walmart has its own place in history, but it will never compete with Walmart for online revenue. If it does, that will make for one amazing bounce back story, now wouldn’t it?

*As of Black Friday, 2017, Amazon reached new heights and is now valued at $100 billion in assets. What a bounce back story to be inspired by!

You Can’t Fear Heights If You Want to Keep Bouncing Higher!

One of the major obstacles many new entrepreneurs are unable to bounce back from is their fear of heights. No, not of looking down from tall buildings but the heights reachable only through business success. You want desperately to be that super bouncing ball, but fear the momentum and heights you will achieve.

You fear you aren’t ready for that kind of success or the responsibility that comes along with it. If you want to be a success, get over it! You can’t be afraid of heights if you are to be the next Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos – the “Bounce-Back Kids.”

The greatest challenge you will meet on your journey to business success is the fear of uncontrollable bouncing. When you meet an obstacle in the road or a challenge presents itself, don’t be afraid of running up against a brick wall. You are, after all, a super bouncing ball with the super-ability to keep right on bouncing back until you’ve bounced so high you’ve plummeted over the top. You’ve found a way to exponentially grow that kinetic energy and now you are in perpetual movement, higher and higher and higher.

That’s success and it all started with that super bouncing ball you got for Christmas so many years ago. Let this be your inspiration in overcoming challenges in business.