How to Prepare Kids for Moving to a New School


Most kids are used to routines, and it’s what keeps them functioning on a daily basis. These routines tend to consist of what activities they participate in on a day-to-day basis, the meals they eat, people they see, as well as the places that they go to. Another part of most kid’s routine is the school that they attend every day. This is because school plays a major role in children’s lives as its somewhere they spend a lot of their time. Sometimes, due to various reasons, you may need to change the school your child attends. Although it won’t necessarily be an easy transition for your child, this article will give you a few tips on how to prepare them for the big move.

Sit Down and Have a Talk with Them

There are different reasons you may need to move your child’s school including moving cities, moving to a new neighborhood, or simply finding somewhere you think may be better for them. Whatever the case may be, it is important that you sit down with your child and let them know ahead of time that they’ll be leaving their current school. Explaining why it’s happening and how it will benefit them may also go a long way. Let them know exactly what school they’ll be moving to and what neighborhood it’s in. You could also entice them by informing them about fun things there are to do around the school premises, so it seems more like a new adventure as opposed to a dreadful move.

Emphasize the Exciting Features of Their New School

One way to prepare your child for moving schools is by focusing on the exciting things this new school has to offer. You could begin by suggesting visiting the school well before moving so that they can begin to get a feel of what it’s going to be like. If they attend a private school in Regents Park, London, for instance, you could inform them about the extra-curricular activities they have such as sport, music, drama, and art. You could also let them know about their after school club which enables them to do things like play chess, write songs, play ballet, do their homework, or even engage in cookery. Showing your kids, the exciting things about their new school should help make them more enthusiastic. Generally, turning their anxiety into excitement should help them begin the process of changing schools.

Listen to Their Worries and Fears

Kids sometimes have worries and fears that accompany a change in their routine. In regard to a new school, they may be worried about making friends and fitting into a totally new environment. You should try and listen to as well as validate your child’s worries and concerns and then assure them that everything will be fine. Look for ways to turn their negative emotions into positive ones so that they see the potential good things that could come out of moving to a new school such as meeting new people and having new teachers. You should also note that when your child is changing schools, it is normal for both of you to be anxious. Doing whatever you can to get well acquainted with the new school is, therefore, key.

Change can be scary for anyone and children are no exception. You can, however, make them feel more comfortable with and confident about changes such as a new school by effectively communicating with them. Try and take them along in every step of the transition and ensure them that everything will be fine. As a result, you may find that they forget they’re even in a new school and fall in love with it in no time.