How You Can Prepare for Your First Solo Travel


Travelling by yourself is no small undertaking. After all, you are responsible for everything: your schedule, your finances and your safety. However daunting this may seem, you are opening yourself up to a whole new world of experiences and you will be amazed at how your resilience and confidence will grow. To help you get ready for your first solo travel experience, here are some top tips and tricks.

1 - Travel arrangements

It is wise to give your itinerary to friends and family so that they know where you are, and where you should be. Although your plans are not set in stone and may change, your family need to know a rough outline of where you are, so that in the event of an emergency, they can contact you easily. With so many public places having free Wi-Fi, it is easy for you to tell them of any changes to your travel arrangements. If your plans change or your plane is delayed, just let them know so that they are not worried.

Tip: you will also be able to check online whether you are due to receive any airline delay compensation if your flight is within Europe and delayed more than three hours.

2 -Travel documents and bank cards

Before you travel, make sure that you take a picture of your travel documents and bank cards. Should your passport, tickets or bank cards go amiss, if you have taken a picture of them, you will have the information you need to arrange replacements. There is nothing more frustrating than having to telephone a bank from overseas to cancel a card that you don’t know the number of; it will cause you unnecessary stress and delay.

Tip: e-mail the pictures to yourself so that if your phone is stolen you will still have access to the information.

3 - Pack

Are you wondering what to pack? The temptation is to pack too much into your backpack, but you need to try and travel lightweight. You should pack according to the climate where you are going, but be mindful that even the warmest climates have cooler evenings and it can get chilly on planes, so you will need to take a couple of sweaters to keep you warm. Always be aware of the cultural requirements of the country that you are visiting. You do not want to offend the locals by not respecting their customs. For women, this means you need to pack a shirt or blouse that covers your shoulders, and a long skirt or trousers to ensure that you can dress modestly. For men, you also need to pack a pair of long trousers for the same reason.

Tip: pack products that are multifunctional such as a tub of coconut oil that is a moisturiser, eye makeup remover, and can be used to treat sunburn too.

Going travelling by yourself will expand your mind beyond your expectations. You will have times when you feel lonely or unsure of yourself, but do not become disheartened – you will meet an eclectic mix of fellow travellers who will brighten your days and help to create great memories. If, however, you feel uncomfortable in someone’s company or a situation, trust your gut, and get to a safe location. Have fun!