Jersey Reds Close in on the Cornish Pirates Putting Them Just One Point Behind

Fans of the Cornish Pirates breathed a collective gasp during the most recent match against the Jersey Reds. It was a close and rough game from the start, but the Reds manage to pull it together and take the win, beating the Pirates 7-5. What makes the match even more of a nail biter is the fact the Jersey Reds are just one point within reach of the Pirates in the standings now. If you’re the betting type, then it’s a real toss-up how the Pirates will fare at this point.

A Slow Start

The game started out slow in terms of scoring, as the whole first half of the match went by without either team getting on the board. The Jersey Reds had the most opportunities, coming very close at one point thanks to Jordan Davies. The Pirates were able to do their job and prevent Davies from crossing the line, keeping the scoreboard blank. It was Sean McCarthy of the Reds who finally got things lit up on the scoreboard.

The win actually marked the first time the Jersey Reds have won on Cornish soil. Clearly it was more than just a regular victory, with this one made extra sweet.

The match, which took place at Mennaye Field, was meant to be an opportunity for the Pirates to win and solidify their lead. Unfortunately for them, that didn't end up being the case. Coming into the game this past Sunday there were injuries on both teams, which was obviously expected to affect how they played. As well, these two particular teams are known to engage in some rather "spirited" play against one another.

Where Does this Leave the Pirates’ Championship Dreams?

So what does this mean for the Pirates' play-off dreams? Well they are still in the Championship table thanks to the fact they got one losing point, but this defeat could end up being a blow to their confidence. The Pirates had come in on a seven game winning streak. If you were the betting kind, there’s a good chance you would have gone on bettingexpert and set your money on the Pirates for the win. This was definitely not the expected outcome.

The Pirates and the Reds are set to meet again in the British & Irish Cup last eight.

Is It Time to Reassess?

Thanks to the shake-up at the most recent match, it may have you thinking a bit differently about how the Pirates will do in the championships and who you may be betting on to win the game. Let’s face it, when a team is in the middle of a winning streak, that loss can come as a pretty big blow, both mentally and physically.

Of course, Pirates fans are hoping this isn’t the case. They hope that their beloved team can pull it together and get back to peak form very quickly. Watch this space to find out what happens for the Pirates!

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