lastprize 2
steering wheel

Small and sensible or fast and frivolous...?

Well, you won't know until it rolls up outside your house. But we'll buy you a car. Seriously.

OK, it'll be second hand, our choice and you won't know what you're going to get until it turns up - but what's the worst that Johnny Cowling could pick...?

OK. It could be bad. But it could be good. It's a mystery...

Terms & Conditions

The Last Prize Standing winner is responsible for all taxes, fees and expenses imposed on or relating to the transfer of prize vehicle to winner, including but not limited to: destination charges, registration, title and license fees, insurance, and all other costs incurred in claiming, registering or taking possession of the prize vehicle.

Winner must present his or her valid UK driver’s license (and must have a valid license for driving the prize vehicle) and provide satisfactory proof of liability insurance prior to prize delivery. Prize details and availability are subject to change.

The choice of mystery car is at Pirate FM’s complete discretion and will be valued at approximately £1,500.

The prize vehicle includes equipment standard for the prize vehicle, and options have been determined by Promoter at Promoter’s sole discretion.

Upgrades or other option modifications are not available.