Scary right? They wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for a great cause. Lucy especially - she's petrified of heights.

On the 20th October they will be jumping out of a plane (hopefully attached to a parachute…) to raise money for the Cornwall Birth and Baby Appeal.

Please dig deep to help every child in Cornwall get the best start in life by sponsoring Neil and Lucy - just click here.




By the end of the day eleven babies will have been born in Cornwall. So small, so defenceless – so unique.

But Treliske’s 1960s maternity wing was built to deal with half that number. Major renovations are underway but it desperately needs the right equipment, especially to care for the one in ten babies that will need extra help.

We think more dads, partners and families should have the chance to stay over instead of being sent home at night. We think every baby that needs an incubator should have one. We think, when twins are born, they should stay in the same cot instead of having to be split up.

Pirate FM is proudly supporting the appeal to raise the extra money needed to help Cornish babies get the best start in life. You can sponsor Neil and Lucy in their big parachute jump here:





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