Love Cornwall?

Always dreamt of working down here?

Plot twist – here’s your chance!

St Micheals Mount


We are looking for an ace new media sales person!


You will need to:

- be in, or have relevant experience of, media sales
- know your OTH from your CPT
- know your KPIs and how to work within a KPI system
- understand the difference between a feature and benefit
- be able to think creatively


Basically, just all the things that makes you a top media sales person!


In return, you’ll get to live and work in one of the greatest and most beautiful places in the world! (Did someone say ‘able to surf before work’..?)

You’ll receive a great salary, exceptional commission, an unparalleled office environment – that’s never short on cake, a car, an IPhone, a tablet and a laptop - all you have to do is bring the talent! (Easy right!)


Interested? Drop us a convincing email that stands out from the crowd to