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More police in Cornwall and Devon worrying about money

More police in Cornwall and Devon worrying about money

Published by Emma Carton at 7:05am 7th August 2018. (Updated at 8:58am 7th August 2018)

A staggering number of police officers in Cornwall and Devon are worried about money.

Almost one in three surveyed admits to thinking about pay problems on a daily basis.

The research also reveales three quarters are worse off than they were five years ago.

The nationwide figures are worryingly similar and show over 2,000 have a second job.

police officer
A Police Federation has revealed one in three officers in Cornwall and Devon is worrying about money on a daily basis

Chair of the Police Federation John Apter says on top of that, morale is pretty low right now.

"They see broken promises being made. The current Home Secretary has said some very nice, warm words recently about wanting to fight for police officers and invest in policing but at the moment that's all they are; just words.

"What we're seeing across the country is more and more officers, before their natural retirement age from policing, resigning.

"They are giving up because they've simply had enough. The morale within policing gets worse and worse each year".

Three quarters of officers in Cornwall and Devon told the Police Federation survey they are worse off now than they were five years ago

What do the figures show?

Almost 40% of Devon & Cornwall Police Officers worry about their finances all the time.

More police officers than ever (7.8% nationally) have taken second jobs, according to the headline results of the Police Federation's our latest pay and morale survey. That is up from 6.3% of respondents the previous year.

In Devon and Cornwall, a staggering 39.6% of officers said they worry about the state of their personal finances either every day or almost every day. This is compared to 44.8% nationally.

More than one in eleven (9%) said that they never or almost never had enough money to cover all of their essentials. This is compared with the national figure of more than one in nine, or 11.8%

The vast majority of Devon & Cornwall Police respondents, 84.1% , did not feel fairly paid considering the stresses and strains of their job.

In addition 52.7% said their morale was currently low and 86.3% thought that morale within the force is currently low.

Over 60% of officers surveyed stated that they would not recommend joining the police to others.

pcso police
Nationwide, the Police Federation survey found that over 2,000 officers have taken on a second job

What should be done to help the police?

The Police Federation says the problem has never been more relevant after the Government's recent announcement of a derisory 2% pay increase for police, which in real terms amounts to an uplift of just 0.85%.

In real terms officers' pay has now decreased by around 18% since 2009/10.

More than 27,000 police officers, nearly a quarter of all ranks from constable to chief inspector, took part nationally in the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) survey, open between April and May this year.

In Devon & Cornwall 832 responded which equates to 29% of the forces officers.

74.2% said they feel financially worse off than they did five years ago
The number who said they were dissatisfied with their remuneration was 62.4%

The survey findings will be used in the federation's submission to the Police Remuneration Review Body - an independent group which advises the government on police pay - to help inform the pay award in 2019.

police 7
The Police Federation warns government promises to tackle the problems of money worries and low morale are "just words"

"Devon and Cornwall are lovely counties in which to live and are safer than most but the realities of trying to police them with dwindling resources across vast areas where rising crime, particularly violent crime, and constant calls to protect the vulnerable due to cut backs in other services leads to a demand for our officers that has never been higher.

"All they want is to be able to provide a professional service to the public and be adequately paid for the job that they do".

Andrew Berry, Chair of the Devon & Cornwall Police Federation

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