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Fake £20 notes are 'going around' in Cornwall

Fake £20 notes are 'going around' in Cornwall

Published by Emma Carton at 6:41am 15th January 2019.

There are reports that fake £20 notes are doing the rounds in Cornwall.

Warnings have been posted to local business groups, after dodgy notes were spotted in shops.

Nathan shared the following warning to Cornwall/Devon Local Business Directory on Facebook.

"Just to make all businesses aware, there are fake £20 notes going around. They are very realistic and will fool most!

"Look out for the signs of a genuine note and be careful everyone".

Nathan Wilkins

How can you spot a fake?

Website lovemoney.com has the following advice:

  1. Check the paper: A genuine banknote has a cloth-like feel, while a fake note will feel more like paper.
  2. Raised print: Run your finger across the paper note and if it’s genuine, you should be able to feel the raised print on areas such as the words ‘Bank of England’ on the front. If it’s a counterfeit, the note is unlikely to have a textured feel to it and will feel flat all over.
  3. Check the metallic thread: A metallic thread is embedded in every banknote. This appears as silver dashes on the back of £5, £10 and £20 notes. The thread is woven through the paper – not just printed on – so when you hold it up to the light it should appear as a continuous dark line. This appears as bright green dashes on the front of £50 notes.
  4. Check the watermark: If you hold a genuine note up to the light, you should see an image of the Queen’s portrait. However, if you can still see the watermark when the note is flat and not held up to the light, it's likely to be a dodgy note.
  5. Check the print quality: The printed lines and colours on genuine notes will be detailed and sharp and free from smudges or blurred edges. So make sure you check the detail carefully. If the quality is poor or messy, you’ve got yourself a fake!
  6. Check the hologram: The Bank of England has plenty of advice on how to do that, including how to spot a fake polymer note.
  7. Check under ultra-violet light: If it's the real deal, its value will appear in bright red and green numbers while the background will be dull in contrast.
  8. Use a magnifying glass: Use a magnifying glass to look closely at the lettering beneath the Queen’s portrait. On a genuine note, decorative swirls spell out the value of the note in small letters and numerals.

"Counterfeit banknotes are rare, but our advice is to remain vigilant at all times: ‘take a closer look’ at banknotes as they are being passed in payment and use the security features to check that banknotes are genuine.

"When checking banknotes, it is best not to rely on just one feature, but to check a few of those described in this guide. Look at the banknote closely; if you have any doubts compare it to one that you know is genuine".

Bank of England

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