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Carer breaks down in tears over Tesco 'rude' refusal

Carer breaks down in tears over Tesco 'rude' refusal

Published by the Pirate FM News Team at 5:11pm 3rd April 2020. (Updated at 5:50pm 3rd April 2020)

A Cornwall carer has shared a heartbreaking video revealing why she couldn't complete the shopping for a vulnerable woman.

Lynne Tonkin is helping look after others during the Coronavirus crisis as part of the Trelawney Care team and was left in tears after an attempted trip to Tesco.

She left the Camborne store empty handed after being told she had to wait in the long line with other shoppers before being spoken to 'rudely' by a  manager.

Lynne said she's never made a video before in her life - but this one has now had tens of thousands of views on Facebook, after outraged viewers shared it.

"With our hour of shopping there is no way I can get  myself up the queue to get the shopping for a lady who is not very well, with breathing difficulties, on antibiotics  and vulnerable with no family around to help her," said Lynne.

"We do her shopping every week. On a few occasions I've come to Tesco and they've kindly let me in to the store."

Lynne breaks down in tears as she explains how this time she was stopped and a manager was sent for.

"I'm just so upset about this. It's the biggest queue I've seen. The manager said I'd have to queue like everyone else which means I wont be able to do the shopping for this lady because the next person i have to work for will be knocked off the list today as I've taken up the day doing the shopping for one person.

"The way he spoke to me was really rude and that I'd missed the vulnerable hour and all the people were queueing to get their shopping in the same position I'm in.

"To think that I can't even get in the store to get the shopping for the lady who needs it has absolutely broken my heart.

"I'm so upset about the way we're treated. The manager didn't give two monkeys about what we're trying to do in the community."

Tesco has been approached for a comment.

Speaking to Pirate FM on Friday, Lynne said: "It's hard and embarrassing having to go upfront and ask because you care and then get humiliated.

"I also couldn't get the medication my client desperately needed as the queues were all the way up the street from the chemist. Tesco Extra in Pool also turned me away when I asked. I feel so sad for the vulnerable as I'm sure I'm not the only one witnessing the struggle.

"Thank you to everyone who has been so kind to me today. I appreciate the love and care."

Tish Berriman founded Trelawney Care in 2000.

She also shared a video on Facebook, urging people to stop abusing carers after numerous reports.

"They're being abused and shouted at by members of the public because they are apparently blaming them for taking this virus around people's houses.

"My staff are doing their utmost to protect the vulnerable people in our society. They are concerned about their own families but that hasn't stopped them going out to protect other people's families and loved ones.

"So please, if you're out in public and you hear somebody giving a care worker abuse, please help to stick up for them."

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