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Cathay Pacific spells own name wrong on side of plane

A major airline had to send a plane "back to the shop" after spelling its own name wrong.

Cat finds bag of 'cocaine and heroin' and brings it home

A cat has apparently found and brought home a bag of what are suspected to be class A drugs.

Five squirrels separated after tails got entangled in 'Gordian Knot'

Five squirrels whose tails became tangled together in a "Gordian Knot" in their nest have been freed by a wildlife team in Wisconsin.

Xiabu Xiabu restaurant chain loses £145m after pregnant woman finds dead rat in soup

A Chinese restaurant chain lost around £145m in market value after a pregnant woman found a dead rat in her soup.

Macron-mania: £300k of presidential memorabilia sold in days

Macron-mania: £300k of presidential memorabilia sold in days

He may be slipping in the opinion polls, but Emmanuel Macron is still riding high with one important constituency - online shoppers.

kids interrupt live tv interview

WATCH: Kids interrupt dad's live TV interview

And it just keeps getting worse...


WATCH: Chewbacca Sings Silent Night

You won’t regret watching this festive treat


WATCH: The Nativity Video Everyone Needs In Their Life

A video is going viral of a kid taking centre stage with her vocals...


Top 15 Memes Of Obama and Biden's Bromance

These imaginary conversations between the pair are being shared thousands of times


VIDEO: Hide And Seek Through The Eyes Of A Toddler

This heartwarming video has been watched more than five million times

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