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News Reporter’s Embarrassing Nose Drip

nose drip

Published at 10:00am 29th February 2016.

Hallie Jackson, a US reporter and television anchor got into a sticky situation.

Whilst reporting on the current US presidential race, the news reporter’s nose started to run…

The NBC reporter was broadcasting live from Tennessee when this embarrassing situation occurred. As a true professional, Jackson continued her news broadcast and did not let the nose dripping get in her way.

She has yet to confirm whether she was aware of the nose dripping nightmare.

Later however Hallie showed the world that she saw the funny side. A tweet followed with a picture of her shopping cart filled with Kleenex and a ‘Surviving Your Season of Shame: Overcoming Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments’ book.

The video has been posted on YouTube and has been racking up thousands of views for her truly embarrassing moment. Jackson continues to get on with her job.

If you haven’t yet seen this viral video which is doing the rounds, check it out below:

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