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VIDEO: A Penguin Who Never Forgot His Hero


Published at 10:07am 11th March 2016.

This is an incredible story of a penguin who travels miles to visit his friend who saved his life.

Just off the coast of south east Brazil, a retired brick layer once found a penguin who was in need of care. This penguin was covered in oil and feeling a little bit worse for wear.

The man took the penguin, cleaned him up and fed him sardines before releasing him back into the sea. 

But the penguin is yet to forget the man's generosity. The pair have formed a strong bond, and for four years they have both remained good friends. 

The penguin is so fond of his hero, that he won't allow any other animals to even come close to him.

The penguin may disappear for four months at a time, but will always return to the man beside the sea.

The little guy is known to stay up to a week to hang out with his friend, until he finally returns to the ocean.

Watch the heart warming story below...

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