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VIDEO: Watch The Titanic Sink In Real Time


Published at 8:30am 19th April 2016.

An animation of the Titanic sinking in real time has been put online.

The full video, lasting more than two hours, shows every moment of the unfolding disaster, accompanied by an atmospheric soundtrack.

This full length video was uploaded by Titanic Honor and Glory, with the video gaining more than 280,000 views.

The sinking of the RMS Titanic began on 14th April 1912. It happened in the north Atlantic ocean, four days after the ship’s maiden voyage began. It was supposed to be sailing from Southampton to New York City.

The team that worked on it said that it was the first step towards a computer game allowing players to interact with those onboard the doomed ship.

The video's creator said: “This is a complete animation; not a short animation that was slowed down to match real time. This is also highly accurate, though we have already documented improvements we plan to make for the final game.”

Watch the footage below:

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