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PHOTO: The Most Disgusting Food You Will Ever See


Published at 4:42pm 5th August 2016.

A forum online is getting people to send in their most disgusting food photos, even if they have tried their best in making it look appetising…

Social media is filled with delicious, colourful and beautifully presented food so sometimes it is nice to be reminded that most of us are not graced with such a skill.

Unfortunately for some, these creations are completely disgusting.

The subreddit titled ‘Bon Crappetit’ has been filled with people’s creations and it is enough to make you queasy.

We have picked our top 10 most nauseating meals… sorry.

1. The cracker with questionable toppings

Sardines in mustard sauce alongside lentils on a Ritz cracker

2. The left over rice burger

So I wanted a grilled cheese but I didn't have bread so I put cheese between two beef patties but I actually really wanted a burger but I don't have buns so I had to work with leftover rice. I present, double pattied grilled cheese rice burger with eggs to

3. The salad with burger sauce

Lettuce, diced emmental, hamburger sauce, vinegar, water. I'm calling it the Kill Yourself salad.

4. The DIY noodles

Todd does noodles from scratch and sauce from can

5. The colourful chicken

Chicken marinade turned chicken pink so I made the sides to match

6. The noodle sandwich

Instant noodle sandwich with noodle crumbs garnish, bon appetit

7. The crispy chicken sandwich

A&W Crispy Chicken Sandwich

8. The what is this meal

Breakfast for dinner, anyone?

9. The Mexican pancake

Mexican Pancakes

10. The hot dogs with melted cheese and spicy sauce

Microwave hotdogs, grated Cheddar cheese with Sriracha sauce.

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