This is why the Cornish fishing industry needs you - and what you can do

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This is why the Cornish fishing industry needs you - and what you can do

Published at 2:13pm 24th April 2020. (Updated at 2:23pm 24th April 2020)

We have all seen the chef programmes such as MasterChef and the Great British Menu.

But down here in Cornwall we have enjoyed unrivalled, beautifully-prepared, locally-sourced fish and shellfish, served up by some of the country’s finest chefs in some stunning restaurant locations, writes Nigel Taylor.

For now, though, all of that has changed. Or has it?

Right now your Cornish fishing industry needs you.

It needs you during the current lockdown to create that restaurant fish dining experience at home.

All you need is a recipe and they are freely available online and of course the beautiful fresh fish or shellfish is the star of the plate.

Pan Fried Scallops


Our fisherman face a lot of hazards to bring fresh fish to the table and right now that hazard, although invisible, is having a very visible effect on all our lives.

As all of our restaurants, cafes, bistros, bars and gastro pubs have closed, there’s limited output for our locally-sourced fresh fish and shellfish, so demand has dropped.

Fishing is one of the very last ways of making a living by hunting for and selling the catch, every boat costs money to run even when it’s just sat in the harbour, with fees, rentals, licenses and of course no catch no pay, they can’t pay their boat expenses and without a catch, they can’t pay themselves, there’s simply no safety net.

Line Caught cured Pollock

Some of the fleet are still catching smaller amounts of fish and delivering it to the market and here’s where you come in - you can buy that fish and help sustain and support our fishing industry through to better times for all.

So, find that menu, think of that dish of fish that you want to make, get the beautiful product and give it a go,

Make it a date night, gastro night or just go for that pretend Michelin Star at your own premises.

Whatever you do, have fun, stay safe, stay at home and do your bit to help your local fisherman.
Remember, we’re Cornish and of course that means “Onen Hag Oll” (One and All) although most of us today believe it simply means “All of Us” together.

Posted on Facebook by the Cornish Fish Producers Organisation is a growing list of local companies and fisherman to buy direct from, and you can View The List Here

And if you would like to be inspired then there a some recipe ideas and more about local seafood at

nigel on the deck of the Intuition

* Nigel Taylor is former skipper of the FV Intuition TO40

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