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Here's the Cornish places given 10,000 pieces of KFC chicken

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Here's the Cornish places given 10,000 pieces of KFC chicken

Published at 6:41pm 24th March 2020. (Updated at 6:47pm 24th March 2020)

KFC has shut all it's stores across Cornwall - but they've made sure no chicken went to waste.

Staff cooked up over 10,000 pieces of fresh chicken and headed out onto the road to hand it out.

They prioritised places like hospitals and police stations.

Rees Brown, restaurant general manager, told Pirate:  "Following the closure of all of our stores we made a decision to donate all of our fresh chicken products rather than waste them.

"Across all the KFCs in Devon and Cornwall we have donated over 10,000 pieces of chicken to hospitals, supermarkets, police stations, bus stations, homeless shelters and many more places."

Click the pictures below to see some of the places they handed out food to.

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