Fears over rising bills as Coronavirus forces people to work from home

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Fears over rising bills as Coronavirus forces people to work from home

Published at 1:26pm 31st March 2020. (Updated at 2:09pm 31st March 2020)

There are concerns about the rising costs of household bills during the pandemic.

Social distancing and working from home is mandatory for all but key workers across the UK.

A new survey of 2,197 people across the UK found 81% are worried about their bill prices going up - with 33% already struggling with paying their bills on time.

The SaveOnEnergy survey also showed 67% believe that their utility companies should be footing their bill during lockdown, whilst 48% said they have looked for ways to decrease their bills.

The news comes as it is revealed that residents in South West England spend an average of £919 annually on utility bills - with a clear north/south divide between the areas overpaying on the energy they consume.

The most expensive area of the South West is Truro, where the average annual spend on utility bills per household is £994.

Using more than 18,000,000 EPC certificates from OpenDataCommunities, energy cost experts at SaveonEnergy.com identified the top 10 areas in the UK, as well as regions where households pay the most and least annually on their utility bills.


South West England falls closer to the more expensive regions in the UK when it comes to how much people pay annually per household on utility bills (£919), the most expensive places in that region being Truro where the average annual spend on utility bills per household is £994, followed by Exeter (£982).

Residents in Yorkshire and the Humber are currently paying the most (£978) which is £203 more than those who reside in Greater London annually. Households in the West Midlands and North West almost tie for being the second most expensive region in the UK, with only £1 separating the two regions.

London tops the list as the cheapest area in the UK for annual utility bills* (£775).

THIS-City-Ranks-As-the-Least-Eco-Friendly-PR (1)


In comparison, Dumfries and Galloway takes the title as the most expensive area, with residents paying an average of £2,416 annually.

This is, on average, three times more than residents in: London, Dartford, Milton Keynes and Manchester.

Llandrindod Wells is the second most expensive area of the UK when it comes to how much households are paying annually on utility bills (£1311) followed by residents in Galashiels (£1181).

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