Cancer patient climbs Ben Nevis from her living room

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Cancer patient climbs Ben Nevis from her living room

Published at 11:35am 17th April 2020.

Fran Woodcock was diagnosed with lifelong cancer 5 years ago.

To show others that there is life after a cancer diagnosis, she was all set to scale the heights of Ben Nevis, however lockdown soon ruined her plans.

Fran, determined to complete the challenge and raise some money nevertheless, has adapted her challenge and is now completing the Ben Nevis ascent using a treadmill in her living room.

As well as receiving chemo treatment, Fran has been climbing the equivalent distance of the mountain - 140 km - in full hiking gear, as well as, costumes that have been nominated and sponsored by her followers.

Fran Ben Nevis Costume

Fran told Pirate FM, ‘I aim to complete this in 10 weeks and to raise money for a charity that has really helped me called Shine Cancer Support. I am lucky to be in this position where I am still able to get treatment and its my turn to help others’.

So far Fran has raised over £3000 for Shine and the amount is still rising.

‘Fran is someone who has been dealt a tough hand in life but faces it with humour and strength. She’s always looking to help other people and donates so much of her time to helping other people with their cancer diagnosis even when she’s suffering herself.

The idea for the Ben Nevis challenge was all her own idea and is typically Fran that she’s adding her own twist to a challenge by making it fun and interesting with the costume challenges, which also puts her amazing crochet skills to the test! Even when she’s been on lockdown and not allowed to leave the house even for walks for weeks and weeks, she’s thinking of how to help other people and raise money for others.

Catherine, a childhood friend of Fran

If you would like to donate to Fran's cause, you can do so on her Just Giving page, here.

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