Great Trethew Trekking appeals for help to look after their horses

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Great Trethew Trekking appeals for help to look after their horses

Published at 12:00pm 6th May 2020.

Great Trethew Trekking, a small riding and trekking school in Liskeard, is home to 24 ponies and horses. 

Like many business owners whose income has been effected, Elizabeth Jane Walke, has had to think creatively to keep everything running smoothly. 

In order to keep her 24 animals fed and well, she has launched a facebook shop system, where people can support them by purchasing a bale of hay or haylage, sponsor a pony, or, purchase a personalised birthday card.

She's also welcoming donations that can be dropped directly to her stables to help maintain the welfare of her horses. The items top of the wish list are; feed, haylage, hay, chaff and sugar beet and pony nuts.

'I am lucky enough that I live on site, and therefore I can care for the ponies 24/7. I am doing all the work myself I have the help one young teenage girl who helps me twice a week and we stick within the social distancing guidelines.

I had funds to start off with to support me financially for the first month and now these funds are coming to an end.

As you are aware, one pony is expensive to keep some when you have 24 to feed you can imagine the costs. All the ponies are on ab lib haylage throughout the day as well as a hard feed and then other expenses.

Any offers of help, or support, would be so appreciated.'

Elizabeth Jane Walke, owner of Great Trethew Trekking

If you would like to help out, you can either donate via her facebook page, here, or drop in a donation to the stables directly at Great Trethew Trekking, Horningtops, Liskeard, PL14 3PY.

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