Dawn French creates a Cornish version of Matt Lucas' Baked Potato song

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Dawn French creates a Cornish version of Matt Lucas' Baked Potato song

Published at 3:17pm 6th May 2020.

Following Matt Lucas releasing a new coronavirus version of his 20 year old 'Thank You Baked Potato' song, Dawn French has created her own version, championing the Cornish tater!

Called 'Bakey Tater' Dawn French includes references to pasties, the fact that it's (obviously) jam first and ends with a proper job! 

Thank You Baked Potato has already shone in the charts and every penny raised from the song will be going to Feed NHS, a charity set up by Matt Lucas himself, as well as, Damien Lewis and Helen McCrory. 

Feed NHS was set up to ensure that NHS, and frontline staff, got hot meals and were well fed whilst fighting coronavirus. They've currently managed to give 80,000 meals to NHS staff working in our hospitals.

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