Smallest and rarest cats born at Cornish zoo

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Smallest and rarest cats born at Cornish zoo

Published at 1:30pm 9th May 2020.

A Cornish wildlife park making national and international headlines because of two absolutely adorable newborn cats.

Porfell Wildlife Park and Sanctuary, a few miles from Looe, has just seen two new arrivals.

The Rusty-Spotted Cats are among the smallest and rarest cat species.

The pair are now almost 8 weeks old and the team are just waiting to find out what sex they are.

"They are super, super rare and we are led to believe there's only 55 in captivity in the whole of the word and we've got 4 of them here at Porfell," said Gracie Withers, senior keeper.

"We've had no involvements at all. The mum has been brilliant and has reared them up to now.

"It's nice to see them developing a bit of personality because before they were just adorable bits of fluff."

When they were born they were the size of large mice and weighed less than an egg.

The cats grow to be just 39-45 centimetres.

"Even as adults they look like kittens, they're so tiny," said Gracie.

porfell cats

Gracie has also been having fun in lockdown, creating her own take on Elton John's Rocketman.

The fun video which you can watch here, was released on Porfell's Facebook page.

It includes the lyrics: "Zookeeper, picking up the poop out here alone".

After being closed all winter, the park was due to re-open for the season from April 1st 2020, however due to the COVID 19 it has had to keep the doors closed.

It now needs £20,000 and has launched a public appeal.

"After 31 years we are in trouble, our summer season brings in enough money to keep the park running throughout the winter," the park said on its GoFundMe page which you can visit and donate to here.

"Unfortunately this year due to the weather we were unable to open for more than a couple of days during February Half Term.

"Unlike a lot of other businesses we always have outgoings whether we are open or closed, whether that be specialist animal feed, water bills, electric & heating bills, veterinary bills, staff wages and everything in between.  So we have set up this appeal in the hope of getting some help for our animals and staff so that we can survive until we are able to re-open again.

"We are quickly running out of money that we desperately need to feed our animals and pay our keepers. As many of you know, no one wants old animals, so euthanasia is the only outcome for them should we have to close completely.  Please, please help us to save them if you are able to, we completely understand that this is a hard time for everyone so even if you cannot help financially please show your support by sharing our Go Fund Me page with others."

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