Camborne Academy launch awards to celebrate student's achievements

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Camborne Academy launch awards to celebrate student's achievements

Published at 4:50pm 1st June 2020.

To celebrate their 'incredible' students, Camborne Science and International Academy has launched its own ‘Extraordinary Me Awards’ to commend their efforts in the face of coronavirus.

The awards opened on May 21st, inviting all Year 7-10 students to enter via Google Classrooms. The awards are at Bronze, Silver and Gold level, and certificates will be given to every student who enters.

'Our students rightfully deserve to be celebrated for their display of values and their development of skills and qualities during this time period at home, and for some, remaining in school - where extraordinary times call for extraordinary awards.

Reflecting on their positive successes over the 'stay at home' period is a recognition that life skills help to build character and are ones that they should be proud of. We would like students to recognise and be proud of what they have achieved in this time period.

There will be that inevitable question in the future; 'What did you do during the Covid-19 pandemic?' and students should have the confidence to recognise how they developed as an extraordinary person over this time period. Our awards are based on our values as a school: resilience; altruism; integrity and ambition – and students can also receive recognition for their skills and qualities development.

Mrs Susan Gellatly - Assistant Principal  

Students are awarded with certificates that document what their achievements have been, so in the future they are able to articulate those to future course leaders and employers. 

The academy hopes that these certificates will be invaluable in showing students how much they were able to achieve during lockdown.

Students have undertaken an array of activities whilst remote learning. Honey Lawrence-Brown in Year 10 has developed her skills in using an overlocker and industrial sewing machine to make PPE face masks. Honey has helped make over 100 masks so far, which have been distributed to friends, family and care providers all across the UK.

Caitlin Tamblin in Year 8 has made origami rainbow flowers and distributed these to neighbours, James Smith in Year 7 has helped elderly neighbours, worked on fitness and organised family quizzes and Nicholas Green in Year 10 has participated in online courses in addition to his home learning.  

'Other examples of extraordinary actions our young people have taken include mindfulness strategies; learning Makaton to teach younger siblings; organising VE Day celebrations with their street; baking for family members; completing gardening for elderly family members; collecting medicines for neighbours; growing fruit and vegetables for the first time; learning how to cook family meals; completing fitness challenges including the couch to 5k; learning to touch type amongst many, many others.

These awards are about our students celebrating their achievements and recognising how they have strengthened their character as a result!'

Mr Mark Fenlon, Vice Principal

The reception from students for these awards has been “fantastic” with many commenting on how they hadn't realised how much they had achieved, and how they may apply that to their futures.

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