A duck family show off road safety skills in Newquay

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A duck family show off road safety skills in Newquay

Published at 4:31pm 3rd June 2020. (Updated at 9:01am 6th June 2020)

A family of ducks showed off their excellent road safety skills in Newquay.

Rob Hendy, a comedy magician from Newquay, was on his way back from Morrison's in Newquay on Monday June 1st, when he saw a family of ducks on the side of the road, who were be waiting to cross the road. 

The family of ducks, on the side of Trevemper roundabout, appeared to have come from the Gannel and looked to be making their way to the boating lake. 

Spotting them, Rob motioned to the cars behind him that he was slowing down and stopped, so the ducks could safely cross the road. 

The duck looked at Rob's car, saw it had stopped before walking the group of nine ducklings safely across that part of the roundabout, showing off their excellent road safety skills!

Although Rob then continued his journey, a friend later confirmed to him that the duck and ducklings had safely made it to the boating lake. 

The whole interaction was caught on Rob's dash cam which he later uploaded to his facebook page to share the incredible interaction, which you can watch below. 

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