Our top seven pictures of Comet Neowise over Cornwall

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Our top seven pictures of Comet Neowise over Cornwall

Published at 5:53pm 13th July 2020.

Comet C/2020 F3, or Neowise for short, was discovered by NASA back in March and is currently passing the earth 64 million miles away.

In case you're wondering just how far that is, that's 400 times further away than the moon!

Despite the distance, its brightness means it can be seen with the naked eye which is very rare. Only a handful of comets in the 21st century have been able to see without aid of specialist equipment. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, don't worry, you haven't missed it! On a clear night, this interplanetary iceberg will be visible for the remainder of July.

Although its position in the sky will change, pop out just before sunrise and you'll be likely to see it around a hand above the horizon, close to the Plough.

Even if you can't get out to see it, here are some of our favourite pictures of the comet over Cornwall so far!

1) This stunner from Karen McHugh over North Cornwall.

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Comet Neowise literally blazing a trail over North Cornwall last night. This comet is said to be one of the few visible with the naked eye this century. Look N- NW after sunset or N-NE before sunrise and you will spot it just above the horizon. Look for the bright star Capella, the comet is low and to the left. If you have binoculars or a telescope even better. My 13 year old and I sat out on the cliffs as it got dark and we spotted stars as they appeared in the darkening sky. Neowise appeared just after 11pm, best bit of home schooling yet I recon- a truly amazing experience. 💫 #neowise #comet #cometneowise #cometneowiseuk #uknightskies #night_shooters #night_shots_ #witns #nightskyphotography #nightsky #cornishcoast #cornwall #polzeath #padstow #portisaac

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2) Comet Neowise *and* Noctilucent clouds taken from Carn Brea by Stuart Cornell

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Comet Neowise and Noctilucent clouds over Cornwall early this morning (11 July). What an incredible experience it was to watch a stunning comet rise in the sky, then to be joined by some beautiful, shimmering Noctilucent clouds. Gob well and truly smacked. This view is from the high vantage point of Carn Brea, looking in the direction of St Agnes Head and Perranporth. . . ☄ . . #carnbrea #cornwall #cometneowise #neowise #comet #noctilucentclouds #nightphotography #nightphotography_exclusive #nights_dreamworld #astrophoto #igpodium_night #nightshooterz #walkingcornwall #lovecornwalluk #love_cornwall #longexposure #hellocornwalluk #lovegreatbritain #uk_nightphotography #uk_shots #earthcapture #ig_nightscapes

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3) This view from Saltash over the Tamar shot by Connor Owen Skidmore

4) Vladimir Palankov took this beaut over Falmouth

5) Keeping the space theme, this was the sky over Goonhilly, taken by Steve Wood

6) These stunners taken over Wheal Cotes by Rich Hobden

7) And finally, what's better than a beautiful/rare comet? A BEAUTIFUL COMET AND A BEAUTIFUL DOG! Here's Renn and Neowise, taken by Will Hawkes

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