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Captain Blackboard - NHS Nightingale

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Captain Blackboard - NHS Nightingale

Published at 10:25am 2nd April 2020. (Updated at 10:31am 2nd April 2020)


The Captain has noticed some mis-information going around on Social Media, so has listened to the NHS and would like you to share some happy, bright drawings with people at the new Nightingale hospital by using the hashtag #RainbowsforNightingale

Make sure to follow the official page for Nightingale Hospital


And here's your songs from yesterday, thanks for sending them in - don't have your speakers up too loud mind!


Will has gone with a funky piano number.


Quite a suspenseful piece here from Jessica...i'd be interested to see where how the song could progress.


Lollie went with a synthy bass sound. Mind you don't blow yer speakers!


Jack created a new version of a siren. Best move off the road when Jack's on his way through.


Sebastian's got a good beat going and I enjoyed how it trails off towards the end.


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