Keep entertained and educated!

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Keep entertained and educated!

Published at 9:36am 16th April 2020.

Who doesn't love a good film? We've listed a few ideas which help pair movies with fun, educational activities! Choose one to watch from below and follow it up with the activities. This can be really useful if you are trying to juggle a suitable work/life balance while your kids are at home. 



Disney Moana



  1. What country is the movie set in?
  2. What is the climate like there?
  3. Lots of the islands around Moana’s home has been made from volcanic rock, research volcanoes – what are they?
  4. How does a volcanic eruption happen?
  5. Can you name an island that is made from volcanic rock?


  1. Create a model volcano to use in an experiment - this can be done with a bottle and some cardboard from your recycling. Using baking soda, washing up liquid and vinegar - and help from an adult - you can make it erupt!

           Full instructions and video for this experiment can be found at


  1. Write a report on your experiment. Include your purpose, your materials, your expectations, your observations and any evaluations you can make – what would you do better or change if you were to do the experiment again?


  1. Have a go at making a grass skirt with things you have around your house, what could you use?




Disney's Frozen



  1. Which country/continent is the film set in?
  2. Anna and Elsa live in a Palace. Explore the native house style for this country. Are they big or small houses?
  3. Are the houses the same as your house or different? If they are different, in what way?


  1. Investigate the changes to ice when it is in contact with different substances. Does it change or dissolve? Fast or slow? Try melting an ice cube on its own, in cold water, in hot water, in salt, in sugar and steam (ask an adult to help with this) What are the changes?
  2. Which substance melts the ice the quickest? Why?
  3. Which melted the slowest? Why?


  1. Write an apology letter from Hans to Anna.


  1. Design your ideal home in the snow, what size would it be? What would be included inside and outside?



The Incredibles

Disney's The Incredibles



  1. The Incredibles is set in America, what do you know about America?
  2. Is life different there to where you live? Complete a comparison between life in England and life in America. Remember to include things like food, hobbies, school life, houses and fashion etc.


  1. Create a parachute for Dash to help slow him down. You can use different materials such as paper, plastic bags, small pieces of cotton and tissue. Cut into a circle (the bigger the circle the better) and attach some string. Now, tie a light object like a small toy to the parachute. Stand in a raised position (on a chair or up some stairs) and release. Time each landing.
  2. Which material slows the landing down the most? Which would be the best for Dash?


  1. Write a newspaper article about a crime that has been solved by Mr Incredible. You will need a catchy headline and why not include some pictures!


  1. Create a comic strip that includes one or more of The Incredible characters.












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