How to make your own table football!

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How to make your own table football!

Published at 10:30am 18th April 2020.

If you're looking for something to do with the children, why not have a go at making this simple DIY project with them?

This is a fun crafty idea that fills up an afternoon, AND you get a game of football when it's done! Get the scoreboard and whistle ready...


You will need:

    • 1 shoe box

    • 4 plastic straws

    • 10 clothes pegs

    • ruler

    • scissors

    • glue

    • clear tape

    • 1 ping-pong ball (or something similar that can be used as a ball!)


1 Take your shoe box - this is going to be your playing field - and measure it so you can work out how far apart the holes will need to be.

2 You need to make four holes on each side of the box - these holes are where your straws will go through. You'll need to make sure the pegs will have room to swing so don't cut the holes too low!

3 The holes have to be the same on both sides of the box and need to be equal distance from one another, as shown below. 

Football 2


4. Next, we have to make the goals! Simply cut a hole at each end of the box. Make sure they're wide and tall enough for your ball to fit through.

5. Before we set about making the rods and players, now is your chance to add a bit of colour to your box to liven it up a bit!

6. Now time for the rods. Take your four straws and and push them through your pre-made holes, making sure there's enough straw on either side to hold and that they won't fall out. If you have two different colour straws, you can use them to help identify the teams.

7. Last but not least are the players. Take your clothes pegs and either clip or glue them to the straws. If using glue, let them dry for 20 minutes.

8. You now have your very own shoe box football game! Drop the ball in the centre and kick-off!






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