Rain in a Glass

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Rain in a Glass

Published at 10:00am 22nd April 2020.



You’ll need:

A tall glass, Jar or clear jug/vase (you can try it with a few different sizes)
Food colouring (Blue for the rain, though it looks great with any colour)
Shaving cream
An eye dropper, syringe or a teaspoon


rain water 1


1. Start by filling your glass with water. Make sure you leave a gap of at least an inch from the top - The water is going to act as the atmosphere in our experiment.


2. Now you want to carefully add a layer of shaving cream to the water. - This will be our cloud 


rain water 3

3. Finally, add your food colouring using your dropper or spoon....drop little bits of colouring on different parts of the shaving cream and watch it make its way into the glass.


rain water 5


4. That's all you need. Now look into the glass and you should see the colouring falling through your cloud and turning into rain. 


rain water 6



If you enjoyed doing that, you can also have a go at creating a tornado in a jar by following these steps created by onelittleproject.com.


Tornado in a jar



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