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Exploring Space

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Exploring Space

Published at 10:00am 24th April 2020.

Captain Blackboard has been finding out all about space. Not just stars, but planets, galaxies...oh and also satellites and space stations that orbit our Earth!





Did you know transmissions for our TV's use satellites to bounce information around the world?

Cornwall’s Goonhilly Earth Satellite Station, and the iconic Arthur satellite dish, brought Britain into the space age. It enabled transatlantic broadcasts for the first time, carrying broadcasts of Neil Armstrong’s first walk on the moon on July 21 1969 and modernised communications with the rest of the world.

Chris Smith | BT


You never know, one day maybe you'll get to travel to space and explore. Perhaps you already have a telescope to see the stars, or have been learning about space at school.


If you'd like to find out more about the Hubble telescope, and do some online activites, including a virtual tour, click the link below:


Hubble online activities


Once you've done that, have a go at creating your very own rocket or moon phase calendar.



Moon Calendar



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