How much loo roll do I actually need?

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How much loo roll do I actually need?

Published at 2:31pm 20th March 2020. (Updated at 12:39pm 9th April 2020)

Some uni students have handily created a whole website, dedicated to answering that exact question.

We’ve all seen the pictures of the empty shelves and the urges not to panic buy, but if you ever need confirmation there was no need to stockpile toilet roll, here it is.

In a bid to make people see sense, all you have to do is answer some basic questions and hey presto! Your loo roll total is revealed.

Beyond the two basic questions (how many loo rolls do you have and how many times a day do you visit the loo) there are now, also, a whole host of more advanced questions, to really get to the bottom of the question. (Sorry).

This is the autofilled answers - don't judge!

If you’d like to check this out for yourself – and be smug for not panic buying – check it out at

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