The home-made hair and outfits of lockdown Little Britain

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The home-made hair and outfits of lockdown Little Britain

Published at 10:56am 27th April 2020. (Updated at 11:02am 27th April 2020)

Little Britain’s David Walliams and Matt Lucas have reunited, resurrecting characters from their hit sketch show as part of BBC One’s Big Night In. 

Performing from home without the aid of a wardrobe department, both comedians required a combination of crafting skills and whatever they could find around the house in order to bring their oft-quoted comic creations back to life.

And bring them back to life they did!

Whilst the sketches themselves were light on laughs with no studio audience, there was much to appreciate in the duo's attempts to recreate the looks of their famous characters. 

Lou and Andy

Little Britain

To recreate kindly carer Lou’s dubious perm, Walliams appeared to have adapted a mop whilst Lucas was transformed into his demanding client with a few strips of smartly glued brown felt.  And look at those glasses!


Kenny Craig

Little Britain


Lucas became self-serving hypnotist Kenny Craig using of a pair of tights, a felt tip pen and electrical insulating tape, cunningly placed on the chin and around the eyes. Not in the eyes; around the eyes. 


Sebastian and the PM

Little Britain


Felt-tips and paper to the rescue for amorous government aide Sebastian, joined on screen by Anthony Head, reprising his role as the Prime Minister. 


Emily Howard and Florence

Little Britain


Toilet rolls are an ongoing theme of the coronavirus pandemic, and they were used in full effect in this attempt to recreate the powdered wigs of Emily Howard and her ‘lady’ friend. 

Daffyd and Myfanwy

Little Britain

Ruth Jones returned as despairing barmaid Myfanwy, friend of Daffyd Thomas. Whilst he may not be able to claim to be the only gay in the village, he is certainly the only person with hair fashioned from a skilfully balanced brush. 


Maggie and Judy from The WI

Little Britain


How do you recreate the look of these two ladies from the Women’s Institute? With a bagful of steel scourers. We’re not sure exactly what Matt Lucas is wearing, but our best guess is Post-It notes stained with tea. Note the brilliant use of doilies. 

Brilliantly done - and just goes to show what can be done from home, in lockdown, with no fancy wardrobe departments and makeup teams.

Maybe you should try recreating your favourite TV characters with what you have available?

Highlights from The Big Night In can be seen at, or you can watch the show in 
full on the BBC iPlayer until May 23rd. 

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