The best Twitter trolling of Trump over disinfectant remarks

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The best Twitter trolling of Trump over disinfectant remarks

Published at 6:30am 28th April 2020.

President Trump is on a self-imposed hiatus from his daily Covid-19 White House briefings after appearing to suggest the internal application of disinfectant or UV light could be used as potential treatment for COVID-19.

Whether the President had genuinely misunderstood the research presented to him, or had simply muddled his words, Twitter users were quick to pounce on Trump’s suggestions.

He has since claimed his remarks were sarcastic, made to highlight the journalistic standards of his critics in the press.

If you didn’t catch the President’s comments, here they are, interpreted by US comedian Sarah Cooper, followed by some of our more favourite family-friendly tweets on the matter.

Just to be clear, do not consume disinfectant. Ever.

And here's one for Nirvana fans:

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